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  1. anonymous


    TC was a huge bully that harassed and intimidated people then would be proud of himself., people like that should not be managing people they are sick. Likely sick are the people in legal (JS) who protected him.

  2. anonymous

    Pathway Genomics has no credible tests

    Pathway Genomics has no tests that are medically sound or actionable they are a low ranking lab that is barely hanging on. They barely did 2 BRCA tests the last quarter, in fact they are abandoning that test because Myriad is the leader....

  3. anonymous

    Pathway Genomics

    They are not meant to be even a bonafide business, shady corrupt organization that doesn't get it. Their time is over. You play games with employees, bribe physicians with inducements to write your losey test, get fined by the FDA ....and they...

  4. anonymous

    Company cell phones

    i looked at porn on mine one morning, thinking it was my personal phone. I got half way through some twenty minute gay porn before I realized which phone I had. I stopped and went off to work, early.

  5. anonymous


    Bari reps need to understand there is no Bari and will not be a Bari for at least another three to four years. It's time to let the drug go. I encourage all of you to read the full Q2 earnings transcripts where DR takes questions from Wall...

  6. anonymous

    Moni C?

    Moni is very duplicitous.

  7. anonymous

    Mass Exodus Oncology, why?

    Are all of the reps BMS employees? Any contract reps?

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