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    Dennis you need to resign. Do the right thing.

  2. anonymous


    Speaking of fishing, the individuals involved are bottom feeders. I think of Catfish, they are very opportunistic. They like hanging out in shaded areas where root systems can block the current. They also like caves and places where they could...

  3. anonymous

    Bad feeling...

    I can't friggin sleep. I'm sure my partner and I have been found out working a side business. If they know then they know this is me. If not then I'm safe.

  4. anonymous

    Run or accept a new job?

    honest feedback appreciated.

  5. anonymous

    Drug Test?

    Yes or no? Hopefully one honest answer. Gracias.

  6. anonymous

    Inventiv,Quintiles,Publicis, Ashcroft...Lundbeck

    Ovation products were not at all innovative (all had been around in other countries for decades) but were commercially successful. Other than that I agree with your post. How much R@D can Trintellix and Brex fund?

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