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  1. anonymous

    AZ News From The Street 2016

    Sanofi have started due diligence for their inhalations business at the Holmes Chapel site in the UK. The site produces an inhalations product, Bevespi, on contract for AZ. Anyone heard any rumors?

  2. anonymous

    mbreit from Insys

    Dodged a bullet on that crazy loon.

  3. anonymous

    Legit questions for Card team D-day

    I was one of the few let go and I'm on eBay right now selling my ink. It's the good sh$t too. I do take PayPal and all corporate cc's

  4. anonymous


    He is a crook That's All

  5. anonymous

    We landed Andrew F-In Murtagh

    As a former competitor of Andrew's I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he went over to run Merit Medical. I'm obviously very concerned that he is now with SJM. This is one of the few people in the industry that can stand toe to toe with big...

  6. anonymous

    Sirona Dentsply Merger

    By now the Sirona gang can see that the horses they got hitched to at Dentsply are not too clear behind the wheel. Chronic turnover of the best reps (especially in the West), clueless leadership, and a "pager" technology in a smartphone world.

  7. anonymous

    Hil-Rom Respiratory

    When is RC going to fire the leadership. 6 6years or negative, flat, or very low growth. Two new products have entered their portfolio. One has been heavily invested in yet no real growth. Why? Bad leaders.

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