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  1. anonymous

    Consultant field days?

    If chosen to participate, show them the power of the Celgene sales team! Everything is done for a reason! Opportunity is knocking!

  2. anonymous

    Prepare yourself for social engineering and identity politics

    Sounds like the original poster is an under performing white male with a small organ complex. I am a white male, average performer in sales and bed, but I don’t blame others for my short comings...get it?

  3. anonymous

    Morphabond Disaster

    but hey, we are right sized and all the most talented in the industry. That’s what Keith told us.

  4. anonymous

    Background check Question!!

    You are still an employee of Takeda until June 1. You need to say you are still employed while applying to other jobs. You also may not be getting interviews if you are applying to jobs that do require more years. Not trying to be rude, just...

  5. anonymous

    Veep Package

    You get the VEEP package if it’s offered to you, not because you whine about it. You probably aren’t very good at your job in the first place.

  6. anonymous

    Respiratory Layoffs

    Another company bought it and will promote it.

  7. anonymous

    Janssen CNS

    I have heard LC in the west region is a nightmare

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