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  1. anonymous

    Medtronic/Covidien PMR Buyout by Cardinal?

    They heard it from your mom jerk off. Either answer the question or move on

  2. anonymous

    Open letter to Victor....

    This guy was one of the biggest liars of all time. His message of, "We have innovative products on the way. We are going to pay bonuses to those who stay. The future is bright and anyone who leaves will be sorry. No layoffs under my watch." all...

  3. anonymous

    How "anonymous" is the HR hotline

    Nothing is anonymous. You have to understand that HR is there for one reason only --- To protect the COMPANY. However, with this bunch of people leading the organization, HR is led by one of them (i.e. dirty 30) and they all stick together....

  4. anonymous

    Thanks for nothing Novartis. From Alcon

    How many rounds of layoffs since Novartis took over? At least four if not more. How many GMs and VPs have come and gone in the same time frame? How many bribery or ethics law suits against Novartis in last few years? How many of those fake BS...

  5. anonymous

    HV Resigned ?

    I know someone (outside Otsuka) who is interviewing. I'm sure C4 and some other RDs are vying for this role.

  6. anonymous

    Shameful behavior

    I want to change the subject to something that needs clarification. It falls into the "shameful" category. My question is this. Why has GSK never explained what exempt vs non-exempt employee status means to those in the field? The company had...

  7. anonymous

    Never received a package to mail my cell phone back

    Coolers go with the fridge pick up

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