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  1. anonymous

    What really happened to Bill?

    Well sweetheart, to begin with, I did not post anything above. Why would I "knock" my own "post". Obviously YOU and your delusional supporters who can't accept the way in which Bill died have problems! But I am delighted that you and your under-...

  2. anonymous

    CV still sucks- what happened to National Meeting Promises

    U get real... Meeting was in August! Leadership & change mgmt 101- don't make promises based on catchy slogans built on feedback from expensive vendors if you cannot deliver. Sounds great on stage as always but very, very poor execution. U will...

  3. anonymous

    Phil Hughes - West Point

    he still works here? sheesh

  4. anonymous


    Exactly what fatboy nick says to ms. you after having a molson ice and eating poutine

  5. anonymous

    Kite Pharma

    Anyone who works for Amgen is worthless. Their best people are subpar every where else.

  6. anonymous

    Abbvie Will BEAT Q316 of $1.20 ....Comes in At $1.22

    Can AbbVie (ABBV) Sustain Earnings Beat Trend in Q3? October 24, 2016, 04:27:00 PM EDT By Zacks Equity Research, Zacks.com ANSWER IS YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABBV to beat expectations when it reports third-quarter earnings results on Oct 28...

  7. anonymous

    KD or KD... two mistakes for BI

    KD is cleaning up the mess that Paul and Tim has created.

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