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  1. anonymous

    Affairs in the workplace

    Dat bitch doin it wit dat dude

  2. anonymous
  3. anonymous

    openings in New Jersey ?

    If you are unemployed then this job will help pay the bills. If you have a job, this would most likely be a step in pay, so go for hospital, specialty, etc where they pay more. This place is full of new to industry people and the...

  4. anonymous

    Inflammation Expansion

    Ridiculous post. I hope I interview you. Make sure you have some Dr.'s on speed dial because I'll call out your BS. Who is the largest RA prescriber in the USA? Who is considered the leading thought leader on RA? On PSA? On AS? My guess...

  5. anonymous
  6. anonymous

    People of power

    Thats the fact, Jack

  7. anonymous

    NSM is coming Get Excited

    If those preparation calls on your calendar not getting you excited about this meeting then not sure if anything ever will!!! Get excited soon you will be drinking Fresh Cool Aid of the production line!!

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