1. Is Pfizer’s established drugs’ decline in China a canary in a coalmine? — Amgen biosimilar debut boosted by UnitedHealthcare coverage — Novartis CEO says FDA process could’ve been handled better — See more on our front page news

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  2. What happened a year ago this week in biopharma? Regeneron’s Eylea approval, Novartis’ new ethics czar, Vertex’s Kalydeco, and Opidvo’s SCLC approval click to review and read a current update of the big stories from one year ago
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  1. anonymous

    Tracy Ting the Terrible CPO

    Who’d you hang out with, your mommy or your gay lover? Lick my ballz chickenshit sausage jockey.

  2. anonymous
  3. anonymous

    When is the next lay-off ?

    Totally agree! Cut half the sales force and go to single rep territories ! Also, enough with the television commercials .... save the $ Give the $ to the revenue generating product in Neuro for some savings cards that are innovative

  4. anonymous


    It costs pennies to make ass tar. They are going to be generous cause once they get one approved it’s roughly 850,000 in profit. They overpaid for a drug and give some scraps away to rape a few insurance companies. It was a 1 billion dollar...

  5. anonymous

    Viiv account manager salary range?

    I’m also needing to know the range. Over 100k I’m hoping? I need to be around 120+

  6. anonymous

    Novartis contract so very toxic, Amplity Regionals make it 10x worse...

    This is such a toxic workplace, I'm surprised there hasn't been any repercussions for either Novartis or Amplity. Maybe there has been and I'm not aware of it. The Novartis managers and reps treat the Amplity reps like dirt. Add the Regional...

  7. anonymous


    Believe the plan was to fend off LOE, and tactfully extend lifecycle if executed properly.

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