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  1. John Wadsworth

    Asian girls wanted

    Any Asian girls available to chase around the lab?

  2. anonymous

    Synagis Sold

    Bye! Swedish Company Sobi. They sounded wonderful on the conference call.

  3. anonymous

    lay offs announced today

    wait for January !

  4. anonymous

    Is it inappropriate?

    Why do you need a proof. If the both are fine with that and they do not disturb others why do you bother yourself ?

  5. anonymous


    Are we surprised? This company is it's own worse competition. It's not Lilly or Novo that affect our share, its the people in charge here at AZ.

  6. anonymous

    Experienced Reps Need Not Apply

    Not the OP and you are correct. Downstream effects are the issue, expect your kids to never leave home. They have lived in falsehood seeing you at home all the time making 250k. Reality is your kids can get a PhD and still work at target these...

  7. Vagitarian

    Back in the day, when I was a hot drug rep

    When I started (earlier than you) TV detailing was considered unethical and that unspoken rule' was honored. (BTW, there were no female reps either). Later when formularies became the rage and HMOs started growing market share, I was told that...

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