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  1. anonymous

    Latuda Cliff & Bad Resp Sales = lay offs

    Do you seriously think they are going to pay and keep us all when there is no money coming in? Sure, they will keep us all because they are really nice people.

  2. anonymous

    WOW split the sales force????

    Yo D - inside guy said u suck. u weak....u mess up SSS before u leave? Dope with that.. u tactical said my dude....we need new products more price....$1.8M last yr...what up chief

  3. anonymous

    The Witch is Dead!!!!

    SHE IS A BIT*CH!! I feel bad for her husband and kids to have to live with that women. She is pure EVIL!!

  4. anonymous

    WTF happened today???

    PIPS are going out .... I overheard my manager giving another manager instructions on what to write on them. This is how they rolled at Santarus too, I was never put on a PIP with them however I know good, hard working reps that were. There...

  5. anonymous

    Neuro - 2 weeks to recover, then 3 weeks of Hell

    ES considers breathing working because he is feeding his pet that lives on his head.

  6. anonymous

    DCO and VP announcements?

    Ctl's found out Friday and I made the cut. Partying right now with enchiladas and burritos. Lance Aka beaner

  7. anonymous

    Not Big News

    Is Danielle Davis still there, since we are on the subject of corruption.

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