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  1. anonymous

    What the heck up with Retina drama?

    Your smells tell alot about you too. I'm sure if Novartis, and others, had the ability to secretly smell your butt they would do it!

  2. anonymous

    When do the layoffs start.

    No reps were laid off last week.

  3. anonymous

    How much time does Respiratory have left?

    When a NJ DM resigned last month her position was dissolved within an hour. That should tell you something.

  4. anonymous

    New comp plan

    Ouch, down to 9%..............really glad I left when it went from 12.5% to 11.0%. I would love to hear KC "sell" this to the field.

  5. anonymous

    Merry Christmas! You're fired.

    How many meaningful new drugs have we developed in the last decade under Kenny Boy's incredible leadership? The answer is NONE. We stumbled into Ketruda like a drunk staggering through the park at 2:00am and finding a bag of cash. And we've paid...

  6. notsoanonymous

    Scott Sibley

    Hey guys! New to the message board and love, just LOVE what you're all doing here. A lot of emotions, really putting yourselves out there, good stuff really.. Just needed to clear something up. Could you possibly be confusing Scott with...

  7. anonymous


    Did you not interview with the area sales director?

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