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  1. anonymous

    Genoa not reporting to IQVIA

    Spend more time strategizing to make your number and less time making excuses.

  2. anonymous

    Catalyst team call today

    Why did DSO fail in Roche? - Because they didn't devote 100% to DSO. LMAO

  3. anonymous
  4. anonymous

    Justice seekers

    Are you a first generation college grad?

  5. CP Job Ratings

    Gilead - job rating

    Gilead cuts Kite jobs. This demonstrates lack of understanding of this kind of business by Gilead. read more... read more ratings or rate your company here

  6. anonymous


    No. But Haywood Jablomee still does.

  7. anonymous

    State of Mid-Atlantic Labs

    Clinical labs will exist as long as they’re ok with taking less. Reimbursements are down compared to 15 years ago. Margins are nowhere near as great. But if they can make modest margins, they can stay in operation. The problem with smaller labs...

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