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  1. anonymous

    Trelegy FDA Approval

    But an ICS isn't necessary. We can totally change COPD care just like Pfizer did (I mean us) with Spiriva so long ago!

  2. anonymous

    Yann has total eclipse of the heart

    That's not how this rare business works. Fake news

  3. anonymous

    Reg / Qual

    Regulatory and Quality have returned to the profit preventing status they were 6 years ago. There is some underlying element of fear or potential discovery of irrelevance these two groups are operating under. Someone needs to come pat their hand...

  4. anonymous

    top ten incompetent senior managers at Merck now

    Big talkers have to make up for other inadequacies. Last round exhibited 2 means to move up. Cry, beg, steal or land a job to leverage money They think we are idiots

  5. anonymous

    The "Edited" town hall video replay

    Where's the video of you getting fired ?

  6. anonymous


    Valeant / B&L / St Louis has blocked this site from being accessed via company computers.

  7. anonymous

    Are the numbers sucking for Entresto regardless of efforts? Or, are the goals too high, again?

    Management acts like Positive Tension is new and innovative. Tens of other companies have used this and it's just another recycled idea that someone on the top embarrassingly brought to the table along with STEM. These upcoming meetings are chalk...

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