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  1. anonymous

    Bill Humphries needs to go away

    The Firm?? You obviously never worked in Pharma! Is this Andrew Left fishing for dirt? GTFOOH!!

  2. anonymous

    MRL is dead

    Didn't even know we still had a Neuro group, that's how much you see/hear from them

  3. anonymous

    MC & JS

    Sorry John was just curious

  4. anonymous

    What a mess

    He wasn’t working, plain and simple. He was an outright bad hire. He was either hunting or drinking during work hours and didn’t shy away from sharing about it. God bless Deena.

  5. anonymous

    Dear Patty...

    If RSS’s can be put on a PIP, then so can a RSM and not just for poor performance but for bullying as well. Managing by fear never works long term. Justice needs to be served.

  6. anonymous

    Affairs in the workplace

    Rep and Physician down the deed where I work. Prob won't be a good thing when the hospital HR finds out .....

  7. anonymous

    Oncology BU to be downsized

    Sad, but consider them lucky. When an abused individual breaks away from their abuser, it's sad they went through the abuse, but it's cause for celebration when they break free from it. Kudos to them!

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