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  1. anonymous

    What will you do with your extra $13

    What will you do where will you spend it?

  2. anonymous

    Round Rock Manufacturing GM out in 2 weeks

    RR leadership is most corrupt, having no principles, scared about loosing job, hides details of day to day affairs from C level executives. few good people are overloaded and spends 10-12 hours working everyday, while others at AZ knows how to...

  3. anonymous

    $800 Million Baby !!!

    I would argue that $800 mil is very conservative. We should hit 150,000 plus patients. I can see $1 billion. My financial advisor agrees with me on this, and sees shareprice of $50+ this year.

  4. anonymous

    Smith & Nephew buying Exactech?

    exactech was just purchased by investment group headed by Jeffrey Binder. 1. Real revenue gain vs. failed pinnacle myth 2. Nice portfolio gain including a decent shoulder 3. Get back a bunch of defected sellers, you only live twice! 4....

  5. anonymous

    IC Plan...can someone say WTF?

    Here’s the deal, there is only so many times a company can restructure and “displace” people before “the street” starts to ask WTF and look into things. We’ve pushed it with 3 years in a row. So the next way to downsize is to do what we’re doing...

  6. anonymous
  7. anonymous

    Hello Carl......

    I met Carl once, I was amazed by how unimpressive he is. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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