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  1. anonymous

    It's official: True Health is going under

    Who isn't looking for new jobs at any company. You need to always be one step ahead. BH should be able to get some of this TH business and stay afloat a little longer.

  2. anonymous

    Opthamology Layoffs?

    The cringe level of this post is astronomical, and shows everyone exactly why you shouldn't be in a job that requires relationship building. Thank God you're not selling in oph anymore. Forget sales altogether kid, I wouldn't want someone like...

  3. anonymous

    Surgical Oncology/PNW

    Who is the regional business director?

  4. anonymous

    Assertio ACTH

    2020 Bankruptcy!! The FDA approval for this could very well be the final nail in the coffin for MNK.

  5. anonymous

    Company car- year if the field

    disgustingly basic.....further proof that this company doesn’t care about reps. Year of the Field. Jokes.

  6. anonymous

    What’s base pay range for Neuroscience expansion position

    Can someone please give me the honest pay range for the Neuroscience expansion positions? 14 years of experience with multiple awards

  7. anonymous

    Company Culture

    if your an investor or looking to apply for a job hear look up the latest OIS ASRS panel bashing Alimera management and market research team. Savage!

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