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  1. anonymous

    You can’t silence us Maria. We are here

    Out west several of us know what a B maria is from our past. We knew it was a matter of time before she started driving people away and ruining morale. She has been a bully for quite some time

  2. anonymous

    Is this our last quarter before layoffs for NSBU?

    I just got put on a PIP for activity during COVID, and my numbers are excellent. Good times

  3. anonymous

    We Have Life!!! Yes!

    Suing health net...

  4. anonymous

    Worst Company Ever!!!

    We don’t want decent. Go take your vengeance to a competitor so our great reps can have fun beating your decency.

  5. anonymous

    Covid relief

    Who left today?

  6. anonymous
  7. cafead

    The year immuno-oncology could break into perioperative settings

    via The leading anti-PD-(L)1 drugs have yet to break meaningfully into adjuvant and neoadjuvant cancer treatment, but analysts increasingly say these uses could add billions of dollars to peak sales. And 2021 is the year in which a breakthrough...

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