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  1. anonymous

    Performance Appraisal Lawsuit

    I am not officially retired yet but I have a cushy bogus job for 2 more years, the $350k salary and the $100k bonus are accurate, more than my VP boss, and I also have a resort home in the NW of Spain and six weeks per year to go there so I love...

  2. anonymous

    Anyone else find a GEOTAB in the car?

    No shit Sherlock. A couple of phone calls and I'd figure your lame assed whereabouts out in a heartbeat. There is the local peivate detective service I could hire for 3 hrs to tail you, but that's only when I'm ready to nail you and send you...

  3. anonymous

    Karma's a BITCH

    Miraca LS is going down!!!!!!!!

  4. anonymous


    Little Pickle Let's get real You weren't desperate enough Next time, if you are really desperate, you should do what we girls do when we want a job = use our wet ones to ride some joy stick. You got one hole -> USE IT

  5. anonymous

    Shit Show Sam’s thoughts.....

    glad my trelegy Rep doesn’t work too hard. It’s beyond me how he got rated so high and received Trelegy. Doctors may read on their own though

  6. anonymous

    Where do we go from here

    AP- clearly this job is over your head. Not everyone can/wants to make the transition to specialty sales. Specialty is a tough gig- especially launching. It’s all about how well you work around blocks/challenges. Good luck.

  7. anonymous


    It’s especially great if you don’t like bonus checks.

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