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  1. anonymous

    MitraClip Brings Down the House at TCT

    Can anyone help with a serious question? Looking for insight into the MitraClip CS role and what the culture is like here. How is management? I've heard this place is a good old boys club (worse than Medtronic). True?

  2. anonymous

    I had the BALLS to leave pharma!

    Hindsight is always 2020, but I bet at some point you realized your job wasnt really worth what you were being paid. Frankly I think it’s really difficult for most pharma companies to begin to justify what they’re paying reps to go out and do...

  3. anonymous


    Im not sure how many Praluent reps will get the jobs? I had what I thought was a solid interview, and have been working within the process well before the layoff happened. All I got was "you'll hear from us within 5 days." First you're told that...

  4. anonymous

    Vikor Scientific

    Just search this forum for Vikor info. They were stiffing reps and then saying they will hire them back for a 3 month zero pay "audition period". Any rep stupid enough to fall for that deserves what they get.

  5. anonymous

    job posts

    This is a company in transition from rare disease to big pharma specialty. A bunch of people left for SK Life Sciences and those who didn't leave who had a good reputation moved over to the new migrane infusion drug. Neuro tries to promote...

  6. anonymous
  7. anonymous
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