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  1. anonymous

    Florida Multi-Regional Meeting

    the fake news wants you to believe florida is destroyed but where you are going is nothing bad the best part about denver meetings is we all get to buy some pot legally, thanks Lundbeck!

  2. anonymous

    Who's next to leave?

    dan was the driving force on the acquisition from baylor down in texas with former account manager now area manager being in the mix. wonder how many insider stock trades happened on that deal with reps buying on the rumor mill and haven't yet...

  3. anonymous
  4. anonymous

    OBU October Zone POA

    Grow the fuck up. People here are so immature.

  5. anonymous

    What a bunch of babies!

    This is exactly right. Unusually positive for the losers who usually whine and complain here.

  6. cafead
  7. cafead
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