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  1. anonymous


    Esperion has been interviewing for months and with recent PCSK9 layoffs at end of the year, game plans changed at the hiring event. Very evident, very awkward, very unprofessional behavior, inconsistent messaging but you would have to be blind to...

  2. anonymous


    that must mean you blow, if you don't suck, give me your number :eek: <===========8

  3. anonymous

    If this could reach the person in charge of the music

    It's a shot in the dark, and it's called feedback, some people do care. If you're asocial, pretentious, self centered, narcissistic, stuck up.....then no, YOU won't care. But you're allowed to be a douche and let everyone know.

  4. anonymous
  5. anonymous

    Anyone Happy on Ilumya Team?

    I joined Sun believing in all I was sold...make a difference, etc. Major disappointment. I recently resigned and took job making less but where I feel I'll be happier. For those of you holding on that have been here before Ilumya launch thinking...

  6. anonymous

    GP’s Departure

    So what’s to word on GP’s departure? Resignation or given his walking papers?

  7. anonymous


    Thus back to the OP. The incompetent past CEO and CSO, undervalued this new vaccine despite knowing it was significantly more active that Merck’s. Poor Emma looks like a fool but the problem was created by her predecessors.

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