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  1. anonymous

    J&J To Buy WMGI?

    Wright's not going to be bought. Wright's going to continue an acquisition strategy. And RJP will be st the helm for at least five more years.

  2. anonymous


    Everyone makes mistakes including you

  3. anonymous

    Another RVP down

    The ex con in R1 is still around. He got promoted. And continues to do unethical and illegal things and gets away with it (there are pictures). GREAT company to work for.

  4. anonymous
  5. anonymous

    Allergan Rep Here... Thanks

    Well what do you expect when you see who's leading the charge here? As they say, when in Romeā€¦

  6. anonymous

    Why the teaser? WHERE IS THE GMBU this year?

    It's the launch meeting for the New Takeda vol 3 Reeeemix!

  7. anonymous

    Anyone Ever Met Their Love Working Their Territory?

    I met my girlfriend at work. I knew she was the one the first moment I laid my eyes on her. I tried every way to meet her. I was very carefree before I saw her and had slept with many women and still did not meet any that I wanted to be exclusive...

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