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    The End

    There are a number of real biotechs that have great cultures, pay much better, and treat reps and managers like professionals.The JBI reps I know that were targeted over the years are all doing so much better with cash and promotions. When I see...

  3. anonymous

    Happy Birthday Everyone

    Hi doctor can you have Donna open your EMR so I can help her find diabetic patients that only fit our products? GTFO!

  4. anonymous

    Lake House

    I suckedbriansbigwhitecockand hecalledmeahalf breedniggerspickjew

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    Tim Reilly

    Leave SW alone, she's one of the good ones!

  6. anonymous

    Have family to protect

    I also tricked her brother into letting me suk his Kok.

  7. anonymous

    Intarcia Therapeutics

    Damn shame tell the midget with the tiny feet that his flim flam act is almost at an end EXSCEL: No CV Benefit, but No Harm With Bydureon in Diabetes Lisa Nainggolan May 25, 2017 The Exenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL)...

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