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  1. anonymous

    Talent has left VRX dermatology

    That's just kicking the can down the road. If there aren't any sames stores growth, there won't be any recovery. The debt may be reduced from 30bn to 25bn in the short-term, but the remaining sales will only be able to pay the interest.

  2. anonymous

    Meeting - Women's health

    "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself"

  3. anonymous

    So quiet...

    So quiet post merger and post TP. Any news on cuts, changes to policy or further cost saving measures to cover CEO salary?

  4. anonymous

    Specialty representative

    Position open near me as well. Concerned about the high turnover. Is it a manager issue in Missouri?

  5. anonymous

    Any one else ready to call out the MDM roles?

    Instead of investing in the sales force, they invest in more middle management. There are certainly some good people in those roles. There are many that couldn't even hack it is rep however. The amount of unqualified people that have been...

  6. anonymous

    Never seen morale this low

    What division did they cut now?

  7. anonymous

    Luka Magnotta, LTD in final talks with NNI!!!!

    Not true. They couldn't agree on terms of the deal. I now hear some guy Lester Green is coming over from Novartis.

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