1. Moderna's gene therapy expansion picks up pace with $76M upfront Generation Bio collab— Disgraced former Seagen CEO tapped to lead MorphImmune less than a year after domestic assault arrest— Sanofi and Regeneron's Dupixent scores trial win in tough-to-treat COPD See more on our front page news
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  1. anonymous

    Covetrus Buying

    There was some talk about them buying Penn Vet, but why would they want to buy them? It’s not additive geographically.

  2. anonymous


    Ak? Is this a new one? I left a few years ago. Sad about puma, he was a good guy!

  3. anonymous

    Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist Cardiovascular- Nationwide Hiring, 127 positions.

    I was verbally offered the position in Huston. But then never heard from HR like I was told I would. I finally called HR and was told they changed the criteria of who they wanted to hire. Reached out to the manager never heard back from them....

  4. anonymous


    Why people leave argenx?

  5. anonymous

    One Ms really?

    That’s the reason i’m not working here anymore smarty and attitudes like yours. Xolair has run its course and I couldn’t be happier to be leaving this culture.

  6. anonymous

    They’re verifying our Veeva calls

    That’s an awesome comment. Yes, try tracking some actual sales for once!

  7. anonymous
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