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  1. anonymous

    Worst managers

    One, even two reps quitting on the first year, sure, chalk it up to not being a good fit. But 4 in one year? And 3 of them have directly cited LK as the reason for leaving... That's a pattern. And LJ does NOTHING to help develop LK other than to...

  2. Vagitarian

    The greatest presidency ever!

    Trump forced to sign bill? So he's saying swamp won? Bill written by lobbyists and signing it was like adding water and food to the swamp.

  3. anonymous

    Tell me about the Alkermes car allowance.

    The car allowance here is fantastic. I came here from another company that also had an allowance. My flat rate an my prior company was $610 a month, but they only gave me between 12 to 14 cents per mile. Here my flat rate is $528 per month but...

  4. anonymous


    Unfortunately, this is where creativity and innovation come to die.

  5. anonymous


    GSK is very sad and corrupt.

  6. anonymous

    deleted threads

    How is that working for her? Pretty sure everyone already knows

  7. anonymous

    Worst Managers here?

    Truck? Who really cares. When the last time he made the leaderboard. Oh yes before his promotion to executive. He's old news. Boring. He's an easy target because he's has high base and a specialty vehical and thinks he's a dm. But its boring. He...

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