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  1. anonymous

    Terlipressin take the job Yeah or Nay?

    Haven’t you figured out yourself why so many Sr Directors? And there are many, all worthless POS. Answer: MNK promotes these individuals, not due to any creativity or value, but rather to “buy” their silence with a very high salary and title....

  2. anonymous

    Company Car

    It’s on par with what you see on The Flintstones.

  3. anonymous


    Wow, the triggered has come out. TDS can be cured by drowning yourself in water.

  4. anonymous

    Antibiotic contract

    Anyone been contacted to move forward with interviewing with managers?

  5. anonymous

    Engagement Survey

    Nothing will change here until people above these two open their eyes

  6. anonymous

    It’s Over Folks

    word on the street is Amarin is looking to acquire another product

  7. anonymous

    D-Day is ______?

    Shut the fuk up special olympics degenerate.

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