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  1. anonymous

    Let's play Good DM/Bad DM

    Not talking about the staring idiot you are posting about. Maybe YOU should call HR? I am referring to the ex Vp that no one like DC, MM, PC all more qualified than the new hire. She called people from LinkedIn connected to the company and wanted...

  2. anonymous

    Mass exodus from oncology

    One of the oncology departees here. Looked for around 6 months, wanted to be sure the jump had long term potential (pipeline) and a good culture, so took time, even turned down offers. Observations - almost all recruiters know about GSK...

  3. anonymous
  4. anonymous

    Side hustles

    Pharma is my “side job.” You’d be stupid to believe you will retire from any Pharma/Medical job and not have a Backup plan from your Plan A which should be your “side hustle”

  5. anonymous
  6. anonymous

    Big announcement

    Anyone know the details of email coming Tuesday (1/26/21) and phone calls Thursday? How deep is this restructure going to be?

  7. anonymous

    Vaccine Retention

    every team has good and bad. The question is the the reps who are performing poorly give a shit? Are they just there to collect a paycheck and complain about everything else. It’s not endemic to just one state or area. It’s across the country.

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