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  1. anonymous

    Namzaric? Why not just add 25-30mg generic memantine?

    Remember IR was branded when we tried to pull that stunt, so unless they try to yank it soon they will, obviously, have no control once it goes generic. It was interesting to here BM basically admit they should have done what a lot of us reps...

  2. anonymous

    Let's set the record straight

    Many were. Just fat, dumb and stupid overpaid morons lining their pockets.

  3. anonymous

    The NSM is happening now!!

    Not how it works. They stay, we get canned. Can't make your calls/numbers in your new territory. Gives em a reason to fire you. More to come.

  4. anonymous

    Big News today at 1pm est

    heard it first here....

  5. anonymous

    Synergy Contractors-which pharma company do you want to acquire you?

    "we will be gone" We? As is you are included? Why are you taking the job if you're so sure that "SYNERGY will be sold and we will be gone." ?

  6. anonymous

    Launching New Derm Product

    A bit redundant, perhaps. But it is the truth!

  7. anonymous

    Spiriva Contract

    Yes and when your done with this contract you will have 12 and a half. Short term contract no future. Move on to the next contract this will be gone in 6 months.

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