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  1. anonymous

    National Account Managers

    The only advancement in the company comes for those who are related to one of the executive leaders. Nepotism lives here and has many tentacles. The NAM role has been a revolving door of people. You will regret joining the company as the...

  2. anonymous


    Let's see here, 9 months of upheaval, ousting of the entire marketing team, no R&D, and you still achieved 66% of plan? That's damn impressive. I'm surprised anyone was trying to sell with those distractions.

  3. anonymous

    SUN - Exodus

    YOU FARTBAGS better here me and here me good. YOU WILL. CEASE AND DECIST this slander. IAM THE ALL GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ monitoring here at headquarters.

  4. anonymous

    Steve M. Nervous about surgical division leadership

    What happened to $1B by 2020? Is that plan circling the drain, too?

  5. anonymous
  6. anonymous

    Retirement Letter

    Every time they do another thing like this it's one more cut. And yet I keep getting surprised they are screwing us over. Again. I think many of us are waiting for an opportunity to jump. Whats next, adding some additional vesting years for...

  7. anonymous

    Avion Pharmaceuticals

    Sounds like RBD is upset she was excluded bad move DP

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