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  1. anonymous
  2. anonymous

    Time to retire ?

    I’ve saved and invested to become a millionaire before I retire. Pension is a great benefit, but there are considerations that matter regarding maximizing that benefit. Not being ungrateful, I have have tremendous amount of gratitude for what...

  3. anonymous

    Sarah Chance

    Oh this is priceless. I really think that to take it next level the speaking should morph into a full blown talk show. Think of all the folks who would love to appear as guests and share their personal experiences With the “Thought Leader”? Oh...

  4. anonymous


    they rank us on the way up, why not on the way down ? Some brands are doing well regardless

  5. anonymous

    How are sales? Commissions in #baxter 2020

    Where did you hear we're developing a stapler? We can't even get added indications for products we have so because Wil doesn't want to spend the time and money. A stapler would be years of FDA red tape and money. I think you may actually be...

  6. anonymous


    I interviewed with them back in 2018. They do a panel type interview, and have 2 sets of 2 interviewers who rotate. It was different for sure. Didn't get the position.

  7. anonymous

    Alzheimer division final interviews

    Not all territories have been filled even for wave 1.

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