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  1. anonymous

    Time to go

    Fuck that and fuck rheumatology. Derm is the place to be til the end. R.L. Is a retarded big headed douche bag. Lobo should be publicly exposed for being a lying snitch.

  2. anonymous

    Ron, why is our stock so low ? Truth, no Bull

    You are one sick puppy! To not appreciate Ron and Lauren's work is simply deplorable. Fortunately there are still many dedicated Acordians who know the real story. Our Leaders work day and night, for YOU. As an insider, working all night, I...

  3. anonymous

    Layoffs Are Coming

    Any word on Women's Health??? Nuvaring gone by end of year...

  4. anonymous


    Sorry, million was a typo. Baxalta President and CEO Ludwig Hantson received almost $19 million in 2015 for running a company that was not even a year old.

  5. anonymous

    Worst Company

    I hear both are soon to be a thing of the past. All the previous posts are accurate. Stay away.

  6. anonymous


    How do your district calls go now do you still use the call in numbers or just 3 way calling?

  7. anonymous


    The "culture" at Otsuka is back-stabbing. That is all.

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