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  1. Vagitarian
  2. anonymous


    Just like the way you oversold Epo. Is that right? How did that work out for you?

  3. anonymous

    Do AZ Pharma Reps prefer Glide or KY?

    I'm a Doc and trying to please my AZ Pharma Rep " boyfriend" Glide or KY?

  4. anonymous

    Andro Litigation Begins - Low T Marketing is the End of Met

    Are you jealous that our low T was just marketing brilliance??

  5. anonymous

    Opdivo winning the PD-1 War

    What a day it is going to be, moving out on the Gulf Stream to harpoon anything that comes near the sailing platform. If we are fortune fine seafare will grace the supper table. I have donated resources to make the trip a success. I have...

  6. anonymous

    Quest Diagnostics Is Like a Dive Bar

    I'm with you on this. I wasn't here long but I was amazed at the NSM - the "hard" looking people walking around with no vision or purpose on their faces. That's a bad sign. I put in my two weeks last week and hope the best for you folks

  7. anonymous

    Whom is The TURD?

    Major announcement today please stand by and check back The Turd, gerbil infused Glide perfused.

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