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  1. anonymous

    COVID Face To Face Shut Down?

    How soon to everyone being back home across the US? and then more layoffs?

  2. cafead

    Watch out, Merck: FDA grants Regeneron, Sanofi's Libtayo priority review for coveted...

    via One month after Regeneron and Sanofi posted impressive data from a phase 3 trial of their PD-1 inhibitor Libtayo in first-line non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the FDA has shifted the drug into the fast lane—possibly offering the companies...

  3. cafead

    Sanofi to Evaluate THOR-707 with Merck's Checkpoint Inhibitor Keytruda

    via Sanofi is partnering with Merck to test its THOR-707 compound with Merck’s checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in solid tumors. THOR-707 is a non-alpha IL-2 candidate that is currently being studied in Phase I trials in solid...

  4. cafead

    Chemocentryx takes a leap of faith with avacopan

    via The failure of Inflarx’s IFX-1 had already sown doubts about Chemocentryx’s similarly acting lead project, avacopan, in the skin disease hidradenitis suppurativa. Now it seems Chemocentryx is going to ignore a new red flag: despite the phase...

  5. cafead

    Trump administration to require insurers cover coronavirus vaccines

    via The Trump administration will require most private health plans to cover an approved coronavirus vaccine and its administration with no cost-sharing once the shot is recommended by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel. article...

  6. cafead

    AstraZeneca's Fasenra spares asthma patients from steroid use in large trial

    via In a single-arm phase 3b trial, Fasenra helped 62% of nearly 600 patients with severe asthma to go on about their lives without oral corticosteroids, AstraZeneca said Thursday. More patients, or 81%, had their daily steroid dose reduced to...

  7. anonymous


    So true they do ask, and you may want an ethical response because you will be scrutinized

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