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  1. anonymous
  2. anonymous

    False Claims Violation?

    You mean, *since* 2013. Looks like a trend. No one is stalking. Justice will prevail. Sound like his attorney or someone with something to gain in the suit. So defensive of his repeated poor performance. You mean the real, reputable company...

  3. anonymous
  4. anonymous
  5. anonymous

    Who is the worst regional manager?

    Looks like BB is getting posts taken down. Shame on you

  6. anonymous

    AI going in to company cars?

    Go look at the Amgen thread "Telemetrics". All reps were sent their trackers by mail last week.

  7. anonymous

    S K Life Sciences

    You obviously don’t work here, so why would you care one way or the other? Or if you do work here, where do you work? All so very strange, as if you are “fishing” or something.

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