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  1. anonymous

    How will the November elections affect Amgen

    Trump is screwed. Spoke to my brother and sister in law in far west Texas. Landowners with oil and gas rights and cattle farming. They have never in their lives voted for a Democrat. They will this time!!! My sister in law the evangelical called...

  2. anonymous

    The Italian’s Message on Racism

    He has to take a knee or better yet, take an elbow!

  3. anonymous

    ViiV Call Success 101

    #15. Be careful with the jokes you post. Fink may get another harebrained idea.

  4. anonymous

    How is it in offices?

    I'm so tired driving corn hwys/byways after 2-3 hours one way, not seeing a single worthy prescribing soul. Doing UPS basically; begging for lunches with tiny potential offices (to justify my job); turn around and drive home another 2-3 hours....

  5. anonymous


    You only wait 3 weeks to see who will be done! Cry baby bitches! LOL!!!!!!!

  6. anonymous

    Veela Engage

    I care. Poor Veela.

  7. anonymous

    Is it possible to make 200k+ here?

    With the coverage on this drug? nope. Unless you're in New York! GREAT results from REDUCE-IT were bludgeoned to death by the insurance companies and our inability to secure adequate coverage for the patients who need it most.

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