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  1. anonymous

    2018 Spinal RIF

    Risk factors: On TCs hate or hit list Not on TCs bf or protection list Compensation Pension plan Mid level management Seniority Age Relevance Anything else?

  2. anonymous

    Proove Bioscience

    Brian, you didn’t buy a yacht. You have been busted again for fraud. You are a criminal and will pay the price for your dishonest fraudulent activity..

  3. anonymous

    Women’s Health

    so i take it the DM job posting I got a call to interview for I should just pass on? I’m gainfully employed currently but this would be less travel (4-5 states vs my 8). Recruiter told me base pay for experience is 185k+.

  4. anonymous

    ADHD Contract

    Was anyone told a salary range in the 90’s from their recruiter? Are they really paying only 80’s for reps with at least 3-5 yrs Psych/CNS exp. anyone told higher??

  5. anonymous

    Background check Question!!

    Just accepted a job offer and getting ready to resign so I just went through the background check. They will check. You either give permission for them to call Shire/Takeda or if you don’t they ask for pay stubs &/or W-2s that go back to prove...

  6. anonymous

    Alisha bye bye

    must be another one of the trolls working for her

  7. anonymous

    Is the writing on the wall?

    That was Christine, not my mother. And she didn’t squeal, she toed the company line and went on and on about how great the ass fucking was, that it was the current direction and we should all be excited about the new energy and future at Vanda.

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