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  1. anonymous

    Mike Ball Oncology

    How does a company hire so many incompetent oncology managers? Lepitre should be held accountable at some point

  2. anonymous


    Can’t you go less than one? It’s amazing that a company that professes humility and integrity maybe the worst mgmt team I’ve ever seen.

  3. anonymous

    What do you think of David Boyd?

    ^^^^ Nice try David lol

  4. anonymous

    More Coming..........

    another RSM gone....west coast....

  5. anonymous

    Brooklyn Park Site

    Watching the ship sink. Dumbass DO and her half pint friend TS looking more and more stupid every day. Know that every time either of you talk we are all laughing. Nice town hall talk dumbass. You’re a joke.

  6. anonymous

    When will Ashfield contracts end?

    No one seems to have that answer. I'm hearing rumors as well. I don't have any insider info, but looking at the Bi portfolio, I don't see a long term life here either. Just trying to be honest here. Everyone seems to have a different...

  7. anonymous

    What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?

    Hey you two, calm down. Where is your "One Teva" mentality. Don't open it up for trolls trying to belittle our company. All this will pass and the equities of selling Ajovi will work itself out in time. Just sell what's in your bag and go out...

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