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  1. anonymous

    “Anonymous Surveys”

    It is not completely anonymous. They can't dentify who wrote what. They know which surveys came in for each area, region and district. So they can figure out who wrote what.

  2. anonymous

    Readjust C-Suite and Board Compensation

    I bet Uranus is all excited to be in the cusp of Sagitarious You always had a sign for horsies

  3. anonymous
  4. anonymous

    Ferraro NSD?!?! What a Joke!

    Funny! Isn’t everyone leaving? How many open spots are there?

  5. anonymous
  6. anonymous

    Stock price continues to drop...

    After I fire you, I’m gonna kick the shit out of you soy boy!

  7. anonymous


    Today was fun. Had cases with one of my big docs. He asked me about Axonics. I had to tell him 1) we’ll be launching something soon (been telling him that for years- but this time we mean it!) 2) they don’t have anybody doing it 3) it doesn’t...

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