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  1. anonymous

    Alisha’s “parking spot” in the garage....

    Pretty sure she just saw all the SUVs in the hybrid spaces, and the solo drivers in the carpool spaces, and followed suit. Lol

  2. anonymous

    Dermatology Division

    Not sure which territory you're looking at but my goodness I get those auto emails from the job boards and I swear the same Dermatology positions from Valeant shows up levery 5-6 months in my area no lie.. I should start taking screenshots with...

  3. anonymous


    Not yet.

  4. anonymous

    Sage Therapeutics

    Which event were you at? Did you interview for TBS or KAM?

  5. anonymous

    Double Dipping

    Oh Afraz, your nerves are getting to you due to your guilt. You could deny but the numbers, metrics and fact that all your clients that left are at Sherman. You could say, "i have never taken a dime from Sherman" maybe so, but the truth will...

  6. anonymous

    So how can our triple inhaler veer of the tracks so bad?

    And Fesenra has breakthrough symptoms on the off month.

  7. anonymous

    New Year Launch To Fuel Growth

    Attacking Management from afar is gutless act. Please let go and accept the fact that Acorda Leadership Team is on track to deliver record performance when the new approvals are in. Following the chain of posts leads one to see a minion from...

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