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    Novartis Reports Growth in Q2 2018 Earnings

    via Novartis (NVS) released its Q2 2018 earnings on July 18 and surpassed Wall Street analysts’ estimates for revenues and EPS. It reported revenues of $13.2 billion and EPS of $1.29, which compares to the estimated EPS of $1.28 on revenues of...

  3. anonymous

    Lofexidine -a garbage fire

    what is a big issue is $1,700 a week when Clonidine is $1 and in three comparison studies both showed equal efficacy. Feel sorry for you guys having to co-promote an old, me-too drug with a price that is ridiculous. Will be a short co-promote...

  4. anonymous

    Davinci- what a scam

    They've been doing it since 2012. Go back and see the madness and how deranged the DWAS shill is

  5. anonymous

    What will it take to fire Mike Foley?

    Any Details ?? I absolutely cannot take this anymore! The decile five email that came out last week, Should have included a very sincere apology to the salesforce. It is now been proven that corporate has no clue when it comes to targeting....

  6. anonymous

    Time to Sue Sherman Abrams

    Breaking news, TS joins Sherman

  7. anonymous


    The gossiping and lies may be worse than the stupidity. Has HR has been told?

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