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  1. anonymous

    Retina Layoffs!!!!!

    Yes. She’s the worst.

  2. anonymous

    Combating Dovato resistance being reported

    I was asked if all those around the Country developing resistance on Dovato more susceptible to catching Covid? This Provider seemed truly concerned with Dovato’s lack of long term durability and Covid.

  3. anonymous

    Do physicians love prescribing the combination product?

    No! Look at national script volume. Bad! Doctors would write a bag of charcoal with a baloney sandwich as a more efficacious combination over BA /combo . The combination therapy as been a failure like everything else at Esperion.

  4. anonymous

    Bill, Tom, Steve, Please Educate Me On Why You’re So Angry?

    The 12 week rioting and looting of innocent cities explains it - listen to how Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer and other D’s supported these criminal wackjobs.

  5. anonymous

    I had the BALLS to leave pharma!

    And don’t be a “peaceful protester” and torch dozens of cities to the ground

  6. anonymous
  7. anonymous

    Cardiorenal positions

    Any idea on salary range for cardiorenal?

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