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  1. anonymous


    What's this division look like? Base, commission, quality of life?

  2. anonymous

    Spectrum COO-Joe Turgeon is now conspiring to fire Head of HR Chris Tamura

    Chris is gone soon. Know he interviews with MGM. VP of hr. He is bad mouthing Joe to Raj.

  3. anonymous

    Klaus Marten

    Because he can!

  4. anonymous

    Company Vehicles at GSK

    That's why it is perfect for city driving. Mostly flat with smooth paved streets and no worry about flats. Since they are solid rubber with deep tread, they will never wear out !

  5. anona miss

    Purchasing new labs

    once again, liberal media spreading lies. fake news. fake news! you are categorically wrong. revenue is not dropping. on the contrary revenue has been drastically increasing in the following households: BW, MN, MG. Just look at...

  6. anonymous

    Kathy Kobe - how is she hired after all these lawsuits?

    Damn, you are so nasty, sure it was a man? Lol are maybe it was, shame shame we know your name. Ha ha

  7. anonymous
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