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    Who said management was turning this around? Didn't you read the original post? It's about how they handled the termination. I could care less that I was let go. It's the manner in which it was done.

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    Aesthetics Division

    Who left in N. San Diego? Another bites the dust....

  4. anonymous

    Chairman Circle Trip

    Reading this is crazy! A bunch of entitled idiots! Give the company a reason to pay more for the trip. Sell more and stop blaming everyone except yourself.

  5. anonymous

    Terumo Interventional

    Weirdest interview I have ever experienced. All through google chats. It's as it the HR recruiter wasn't even reading my responses. What is the deal with this company? Seems kind of shady...thoughts? Here is the transcript: [IMG] Hello ,...

  6. anonymous

    New RA drug to shake up Enbrel!!!!!!

    One way or another this company needs to reinvest in itself instead of sitting back on a 20 year old product and keeping tired apathetic losers on its payroll

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