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03-16-2008 until 04-16-2020
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Questions about moderation decisions

We have many questions regarding why specific posts or threads are pulled. Unfortunately, we do not have time to answer questions about each item that is deleted. Our moderators make hundreds of moderation decisions daily, and it would be impossible to address each one.

We have clearly outlined our board posting policies on our Board Posting Policy forum. Our moderators base their decisions on these policies. The major reason why posts are deleted is that they personally attack an identified individual. It does not have to be by full name - initials and/or geographic location can identify someone as well. Even if the original post in a thread did not contain this type of information, if the rest of the thread degenerates into these types of attacks, the thread can be deleted.

Of course our moderators are human, and will make mistakes occasionally. If you truly posted something not in violation of our policies, please feel free to post it again. However, if your post was was in violation of policies, it will continue to be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding with this.

Sarah Palmer

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