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  1. Welcome to the Ista Pharma board
  2. Tony in Florida
  3. Training
  4. background checks
  5. Interview-Brian Stafford
  6. true story...
  7. Northern California Manager
  8. Louisiana Opening Agian
  9. Mass Exodous at Ista!!!
  10. TM's Leave While You Can!!!!!!
  11. X "marks" the spot?
  12. The Process now is King
  13. D. Marks
  14. Everyone Trying to Jump Ship!
  15. Happy Holidays to all the haters! Ista is still here!
  16. Age discrimination at ISTA?
  17. Sanofi to buy ISTA...
  18. Ista is going to need more rangers
  19. Territory Manager Role/Pay
  20. Is Brian Stafford a DM?
  21. Why people are leaving
  22. NC and Capitol districts
  23. Stock and $200M
  24. Who is DM in Orlando?
  25. Interviewing this week. Any advice?
  26. Pissta Pharma
  27. Tired of the Company
  28. We PROMISE Bromday will have the same coverage
  29. Is it really that bad???
  30. Car choices
  31. Miami - MGR
  33. Weird Interview Experience
  34. It's over...
  35. Layoffs are coming during the month of June
  36. Pataday lost coverage on United AARP today?
  37. Why ISTA needs to get bought NOW!
  38. One Day
  39. Ista Buying Bausch and Lomb products?
  40. Turnover
  41. Indianapolis???
  42. Boston Meeting
  43. Second F2F how were you contacted?
  44. Benefits
  45. Tucson territory
  46. What is the sequence for interviews?
  47. Since Home Office reads this board
  48. Background Checks
  49. How is Heim still sending out emails?
  50. BL Deal
  51. Working at ISTA
  52. Coupons?
  53. Am I the only one that keeps forgetting to send in the filled out Bepreve cards?
  54. WARNING!!!
  55. Outlook not so good
  56. Istalol is being marketed by the reps?
  57. Is this the end?
  58. West Trial
  59. Crawling back to ista
  60. Managers get upgraded luxury Volvo SUVs
  61. "take your vacation"
  62. Pay Range?
  63. Hasta la ista baby!
  64. Home made sales aids
  65. Why is turnover extremely high?
  66. What is up with our numbers?
  67. Cheating the numbers
  68. If ISTA would just...
  69. Ista is sponsoring CE now huh?
  71. Most recent Phase II training??
  72. Ista Poll
  73. Are TMs happy here?
  74. Signatures
  75. Signatures
  76. Stealing "coupon cards"
  77. Alcon faces U.S. health fraud probe
  78. Manager cheating on days worked...
  79. burning down the house
  80. Asta La V-Ista moron!
  81. Indy
  82. New Business cards????
  83. Managers you have something to learn
  84. Are we getting sold to Valeant?
  85. Hungry for ISTA, Valeant makes bid
  86. Vacation
  87. Subpoenas From the U.S. Attorney TO ISTA
  88. Is Home Office still on vacation?
  89. NJ Interview
  90. National sales meeting
  91. How many of us actually worked today?
  92. Ista, 7th fastest growing company. lol
  93. Dallas interviews
  94. Bromday & Bepreve are struggling
  95. about your company
  96. Tracking GPS (cell toweres) on IPAD 2
  97. What an awkward dinner tonight
  98. Betting
  100. CEO hero
  101. We only missed our Hawaii number by $40 million
  102. HR question
  104. Rumors
  105. BJ wins!!??
  106. Southeast Region Rocks
  107. Ista merger on April 1
  108. Merger with B&L
  109. News from B&L
  110. Tracking
  111. Vince Said We Are Fine
  112. go to B&L board for advise if u want a job
  113. Blowing the whistle on Ista
  114. iPad integration on 4/2
  115. Go ahead and start posting the people who will be gone from ISTA
  116. So does this mean we're not going to Hawaii anymore?
  117. Feel like your in the dark?
  118. ISTA should be running B+L Pharma
  119. B & L CEO talks about new Aquisition and job cuts?
  120. Lies!! Our jobs are Gone, Resume Please
  121. Brent Saunders talks about new acquisition
  122. Moving Bausch People to California
  123. Can anyone blame us?
  124. Sales positions at B&L being filled?
  125. silence..
  126. Documentation
  127. If you own Ista stock, vote NO
  128. Let's hear who's leaving after the deal closes
  129. Great Communication
  130. Omg! Ista off label= off the hook!
  131. RD kept!! SE region rules!
  132. Too bad you were lied to
  133. It's Done
  134. Idiots on conference call
  135. 3 Regional Managers
  136. Good luck getting my Bromday accounts back
  137. Thanks for the memories
  138. VA Lied & Mislead
  139. lots of openings with Allergan
  140. Will B&L honor the 16 week severance?
  141. End of month final announcements
  142. It's So Over
  143. B&L Culture will Dominate and Destroy
  144. lots of openings with Alcon too
  145. Wait by the phone?
  146. Conference Call Today 6/21
  147. Is anybody working today?
  148. Good Ole Perry
  149. Time To Move On
  150. phone calls started
  151. Anyone 'displaced' moving forward with surgical or optical position?
  152. severance
  153. W.A.R.N Act
  154. Lost Civilization Board
  155. Upcoming Training Meeting
  156. Stop whining
  157. Its the end of the world as we know it
  158. Take this loser down
  159. Why Your ISTA Shares Sold as Low as They Did
  160. ISTA Million Dollar Milestone Eggs...
  161. A thank you to K. Null
  162. Never forget...