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  1. What happened to Regional in Shreveport?
  2. Thank you for the week after xmas off!
  3. Target Preview Lists????
  4. requirements to be an rd
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. Fleet options
  7. Shire Benefits
  8. Pharma sales
  9. Bonuses
  10. GCO?
  11. What if BED indication does not get approved?
  12. Pfizer looking at Shire
  13. Manager meeting
  14. FDA Approved BED today
  15. why put natpara in GI division
  16. Binge Targets
  17. Novartis will swallow us
  18. Inconsiderate of Shire to make employees travel/work on the sabbath
  19. benefits
  20. Death in BED Vyvanse study WHAT?
  21. Celebration night??
  22. Working at Shire
  23. Our Sales Leader
  24. This meeting sucks so far
  25. Why Salix???
  26. Office Day
  27. Shire being bought by Novartis
  28. Overlay reps
  29. Bonus this Friday?
  30. Valeant to buy Salix cheap
  31. Shire is Valeant's next target, just like Allergan was after B&L
  32. Rare Disease BU
  33. change of control policy
  34. True Fleet?
  35. Patagonia jacket
  36. Canceling National Launch Programs - one week away- WTF
  37. Shire's sales force is full of the biggest, selfish reps I have ever seen
  38. Shire management is full of the biggest, selfish people I have ever seen
  39. Neuroscience BU
  40. Weekly numbers???
  41. How to Bumble a Launch
  42. NBU Management FAILS to provide ADHD resources
  43. Overlays, core and now CNE calling on same doctors??
  44. Newly single JC on the move..
  45. Innovation: Excel Checkbooks... Are you watch Fleming?
  46. How do I contact OIG? ACLU?
  47. management in the field
  48. Neuroscience Business Unit in CHAOS
  49. Question for Prior Viro Pharma Employees