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I'm so done with the Sh*#hole. I have seen the older reps, who used to be our "mentors" just a few years ago, being pushed out of this company for nothing other than they are making a good salary. I'm not quite 50 yet, but getting close, and I know if I last that long the same will happen to me. Despite what I do or how hard I work it won't be enough. So today I've decided that I'm done with them. I will no longer make the extra early call or late call. I will do a lunch here & there collect a few signatures. I figure this will take me three hours a day max. Which equates to 15 hours a week. I'm gonna work a max of 15 hours a week until 2015. This is my version of 15 by 15. From now on, I will have an 25 extra hours a week to work out, spend time with my spouse or double dip with an extra job (which would be good since we didn't get much of a raise the past couple years). You want 15 by 15? It's now time for me to give it to you my way. Bend over Merck............Who's in with me?
When will America wake to the fact that its government can pass all sorts of regulations that seem to make age discrimination and pushing people out the door - for no reason - illegal but those laws all come to nothing because America investigates and prosecutes nothing. Merck views you as a commodity to be adjusted and upsized and downsized at their whim. It does not make any difference to them (or your precious government) whether you have invested your personal effort into getting skilled or your personal cash into getting a university degree. Merck treats their capital assets with more tenderness simply because the law requires them to reflect a loss of value - a virtual penalty - when they write those assets off. But Wall Street actually celebrates when companies downsize their labor force simply because that asset reduction doesn't reflect a failed investment on the company's books - it only hits the fired employees' books. Until working professionals realize that protection from unfair and illegal labor practices does not come simply because they hold university degrees or are citizens of the US they will continue to be played for fools by their employers. What exactly do you think exempt employee means? It means that you are exempt from protection under most labor laws. These days it also seems to mean that you are exempt from common sense or thinking about doing anything other than writing futile notes on CafePharma.

Most people posting here are not slackers by nature. They are being turned into slackers simply because they are tired of the one-sided nature of their relationship with Merck. They would prefer to work their 45-50 hours/week and to live their lives fairly certain that they will not be treated unfairly or dumped unceremoniously. The US is headed to another generation of organizing labor. In this version, non-managerial professionals will be on the organized side of the equation. All the precedents for organizing labor that existed in the first half of the last century are in place, all that is missing is the for working professionals to drop their hubris causes them to consider themselves too good to organize. All the while they stay in this present labor dynamic they are on the losing end of both government protection and industry leverage. Perfect suckers if you will. Don't think for a minute that the capitalists that formed successful multinationals in their hometown and had loyalty to the same are running any of the major multinationals anymore. Those capitalists are dead and buried and their children have sold out. MNCs have been bought out by slick financial wizards that replace the loyalty equation that many of you bought into with other equations written with sharp pencils. Work gets moved overseas and flavor-of-the-month business plans cause massive job disruptions. The former are encouraged by generous tax breaks bought and paid for through contributions to political parties and the latter encouraged by trivial penalties for dropping employees.

It may take decades but the idea that a working professional (for example your children) will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money to be qualified for a job with a multinational that could and would boot them out on a whim will appear to be a pretty silly concept in hindsight. Government in the future must either tax corporations to subsidize that education or demand long-term contracts to offset that investment. Presently there is no reason for government to get involved because unemployed folks don't make contributions to political parties. And the current ever-increasing revenues of Merck in the face of their actually dismal performance is largely due to exactly this practice. Why would Merck change? Professional employees must turn off Fox News, smell the coffee, and get themselves organized around jobs and job security. Stop thinking that the current power players are ever going to change anything. What if all non-managerial professionals walked out for a day? What would the stock price do? Would your boss actually know how to get your job done? Could they spare the time to take their head out their own boss's butt to get it done?
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