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I always say, think about your relationship with your employer as you would a personal, say romantic, relationship. How much are you willing to dump into a relationship with a person you don't trust and treats like you shit? who you are SURE will dump you sometime down the road for a shinier and easier version of yourself? who will lie and cheat and belittle you? who will then tell everyone it was YOUR fault for the relationship's did this and that, and everything under the sun wrong, when you're pretty darn sure you were a good & devoted companion. So, with these thoughts in mind, if you decide to stay in the dysfunctional relationship and KNOW it's dysfunctional, then go at it half-ass (or less), just like they do with you. Don't be a dummy and commit yourself to someone who doesn't value you. leave the situation and seek out a better companion. Trust is trust and value is value, whether it's from a person or a company. Just have to respect yourself... however you choose to do it.
....." then go at it half-ass (or less), just like they do with you."..
Impossible to do with any manager. Do it and be PIPed!
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