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Default Re: My version of 15 by 15

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what happens to the really older reps with all this...the over 55 set?
I don't know what happens to them- but at 42 with kids in school and one leaving for college in 2 years- It's too late for me to go back to school and learn something useful-
I have bills to pay right now- so here I am- having to re-train in an industry (family business) that really doesn't interest me at all- but I am using my people skills and computer skills that I learned at Merck- Other than that- I feel completely screwed and mad at myself!
Luckily husband has a decent job with benefits for our family
I did the 15 X 15 plan my last year at Merck bc I knew what was coming-At least I enjoyed my last year and free time!
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