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I know. Deal with it, for that is all we can do. It might get awfully ugly but what else can one do but deal with it the best they can. As long as you're still with Merck, do all those things to prepare yourself for not being at Merck. Nobody says this will be easy or comfortable. Cut your bills, sell your house, car, boat, etc. Do whatever it takes to prepare yourself to leave Merck, either on your own terms or theirs. Bitching accomplishes nothing. Dealing with it accomplishes everything.
so true...and great advice...I was pushed out recently by Merck and will be forced to sell my house, and maybe my car...(Riding a motorbike now to save on gas)

You know what though?? I am happier and more productive than i have been in years...When you get Merck further into your rear view mirror, you shake your head in disbelief that you ever stayed in such an abusive, dysfunctional situation...

I feel bad for those that are still there...(Except of the S3s that for some reason are Merck's golden children--not sure why?)
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