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OP back. Last week was great. I love Christmas shopping during the week while everyone is working! Hell I even went to see a movie. I worked about 12 hours total. I check VM early morning, at noon and around 5pm. I make sure to send a few emails early and late each week so everyone thinks I'm working hard. I'm probably one of the last people in the district my CTL would believe is doing the 15x15 when I'm actually the originator of it! I may have to change it up next year to 12 through 12. 12 hours a week through 2012! 12T12.....I like it!

Man I feel a flu or something comin on. My throat is scratchy, sinus pressure and stuff. I think I may need to take the next couple days off sick. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few days... .................Take care everyone, especially my 15x15 brothers & sisters! Oh and I almost forgot, FU Merck!
I admire you if you can pull this off...Screw Merck back...I love it...and everyone should try and do it...the whole pharma industry is a scam now anyway...

the only thing I wonder is how you can work so little and keep the manager off of your back..?? I found (when I was still at Merck before getting pushed out at 50) that between loading the car up, making calls and getting sample sigs, getting through traffic, calling the caterer and doing lunches, starbucks, Bagels, Donuts, etc., tons of testing modules, training modules, general admin, emails, voicemails, and general worry about being unemployable should the job end, It was well over 40 hours a week...even when I wanted to screw Merck and have it be less...

How the heck do you only do 15 hours a week and not get caught for dashboard infractions???
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