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Old 04-01-2011, 03:46 PM
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Default They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Found this by googling. They put doctors on e-detailing. What will they think of next?? They call them physician advisors or something. Looks like they're screwing them over. Makes you feel lucky to be a field rep. I'd stay a mile away from this company!

-Medical degree and an American accent is all you need to get hired.
-Previous job experience is not necessary.
-You can leave your job temporarily and get rehired easily, revolving door.
-Flexible schedules.
- Job candidates are misled and not given a clear idea of what the job entails when hired.
-Micromanagement on a microscopic level. Employees are watched, recorded, assessed and measured continually in an unfair manner.
-Call center atmosphere, no cell-phones, no talking and you have to ask permission for a bathroom break.
-Zero chance for job growth or opportunities, employees are treated as transients.
- Extremely passive/aggressive and hostile work environment. Management acts fake and they freely lie.
-Office gossip and unprofessional behavior is rampant.
-Unhealthy competition, jealousy and backstabbing is the norm here. The walls have ears.
-Physicians are expected to talk like pharmaceutical sales reps. Not allowed to speak like a real physician and speak off-label or off the script.
-Company has questionable ethical practices, will do anything to make a buck.
-Projects seem to not have no clear direction/plan.
-Nature of the work is VERY monotonous and extremely illogical. Calling 100s of doctor's offices everyday??? They don't want to talk to you!!
-Department specific strict rules are enforced like a prison environment. Other dept. do not follow the same rules.
-The most strict dress code than anywhere else in the company.
-It is a fear-driven machine. Submission is the only way an employee will survive here. This leads to perpetual cynicism towards management.
-Management puts unreasonable expectations on the Physicians. Their goals for numbers are unreachable and unrealistic.
-The only one motivation to do the work is for FEAR of losing your job.
-Teamwork is clearly discouraged, employees are not even allowed to interact with one another. Thinking like an individual and feedback is also ignored.
-Physicians are exploited according to their individual talents.
-Physicians are not given opportunities for full time positions. That = no employee benefits as well. All other positions throughout the company are offered benefits and career promotions.
-Extremely high turnover rate, employer takes full advantage of a bad job market and an overflowing pool of candidates desperate for a paycheck. They USE people with no mercy till they burnout and can’t take it anymore.
-Management shows clear favoritism towards certain employees. Their requests are the only ones fulfilled.
-A very select few are chosen for important projects like "video-detail" (inbound calls). The rest are relegated to "phone-detail" (outbound calls) with limited opportunity to advance. Very unfair.
-Certain employees are overloaded with work but the low part-time salary still applies.
-Job requires a medical degree but the pay as that of an associate degree salary. The salary is nowhere near fair competitive compensation for doctorate degree holders.
-There is no such thing as bonuses or commission here, you are selling for free! The company reaps the profits.
-Training is extremely inadequate, employees rely on educational background to train themselves. There is no one with any kind of science or pharmacy background. They are just salespeople.
-Zero communication, information sharing and knowledge with management.
-No warnings about important changes or updates in a timely manner. Many employees kept in the dark.
-Individuals in management not looking to change methodology and real business growth. They seem more interested in keeping their jobs and getting a fat paycheck above all else.
-Spontaneous massive layoffs can occur at anytime with no warning.
-Projects are set up for failure by salespeople who deliver false promises. When things tank the blame game begins.
-Other employees in this company with less qualifications make much more money.
-Employees from other departments are extremely unfriendly.
-ALL executive decisions are made to benefit the company at the expense of putting employees at a disadvantage.
-Many people in management obtain position purely because of tenure and influence vs. real qualifications, ability, talent and experience. None of these people have done the job of physician advisor and know how to do the job.
-Senior management looks down on the Physicians in a condescending manner.
-Job offers no resume credibility for a future medical career.
-Very limited recognition and praise.
-Very incompetent management on various levels. Many managers are totally detached from the department and just read the numbers delivering ignorant criticism. Who is Steve Simcox?? I dare him to spend a day in this department.

- The most relieving day is the day you leave this job. There is much, much more to list but this list is already exhaustive and meant to give disclosure to Physicians who may be considering a position here. You have been warned.
Advice to Senior Management
-The entire company needs to change management top to bottom. In terms of the Physician department it needs a total revamp in the way it approaches it's projects. Calling medical offices while physicians are attending to patients is a formula that Medimedia knows doesn't work and they are not willing to change. As a fellow physician you don't want to annoy a fellow physician, it's not right.

-The work environment makes it a place that makes you daydream about where you actually want to be someday. And that place is not MediMedia"
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Old 04-07-2011, 07:26 AM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Wow.... Spend hundreds of thousands on your MD degree and become a sales rep......What a joke! Are these guys that desperate?
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Old 04-16-2011, 11:27 AM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Residency spots are competitive and if they miss a match for a particular year they have to wait till the next year. Yes they are desperate.
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Old 04-18-2011, 03:29 PM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Yes residencies are competitive...BUT the better one's get placed. By the way, are you telling me the people handling the phones are those that just graduated med school? I thought they were actual MD's.....Now that gives me confidence that they can actually have a detailed conversation with an MD who has been practicing for a while. Even a practiving PA or NP would have more experience than the MD's you guys are hiring. Hmmmmmmmmm Must be another case of smoke and mirrors I guess.
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Old 05-18-2011, 05:52 PM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Funny how when the truth comes out...people hide!
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Old 11-07-2011, 03:10 PM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

I’m also a doctor that worked at this hell. Some of us needed some part-time money while we studied for board exams. I'm in internal medicine now. It's not about who is better/smarter. But it is true that recent med students may be book-smart but don't have the experience of a NP or PA.

I have to say that whoever wrote that piece of literature up there has sheer genius! Hahaha! Hard to believe but it is entirely accurate. The place is run by totally unqualified moronic minions. They didn’t care about anything but watching numbers and keeping their own jobs. The whole place is a sham, we never did any real work. You call a doctor’s office ACTING like another doctor so you can get through. Then annoy them because they’re doing something important like….I dunno….treating a PATIENT maybe?? Lol. Then you give them a salespitch for some drug you wouldn’t give your dog. Then, the doctor yells back at you for interrupting their life-saving work, proceeds to insult you for using your medical degree to be a salesman and finally hangs up on you. Great way to build your self-esteem!! How is this good business?? If someone called my office like that I’d make SURE to barricade anything they’d offer in the future!

It’s a wonder why a big drug company would ever sign a deal with them. Some of the doctors that are talked to are PAID to hear your salespitch!!! They get Amazon points or something. Anti-kickback anyone? Lol. Perhaps that’s just the pharma way, too much money to play with lol….Surely there is a conspiracy going on and one day they’ll be caught for sure, I’ll read about it in the papers sometime.

But really, the workplace was like jail. They were all nice in the beginning, after awhile, I got it. They treated MDs like trash because they think that’s the best way to keep them in check. Just because the economy is bad and we couldn’t find jobs elsewhere, that’s no reason to disrespect people. Everyone was scared to complain. You couldn’t even GOT TO THE BATHROOM! The place was totally run like a sweat-shop. Just take a look at the obvious racial segregation. The department had 100% minorities. There’s were no minorities anywhere else above. Umm……nuff said!
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Old 11-10-2011, 09:58 AM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Is it any wonder why IMS is failing big time and their days are truly numbered. In 2012 they will go the way of companies like Burroughs Wellcome, Parke-Davis, Ciba - Geigy....Yes, they way of the dinosaur!
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Old 03-15-2012, 10:26 PM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Yep, I've worked here too. Everything said is spot on. One more word to describe the place....


If you are Indian or Pakistani, run for your life! The place is a sweat-shop. lol!
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Old 05-06-2012, 05:37 PM
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Default Re: They have doctors working for them in sales. They don't sound happy

Whats the difference? I heard they are in BIG trouble and will soon be going under! They continue to have many layoffs and the door will soon be hitting everyone on the ass. End result, clients will get screwed again and the employees will be out of work.
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