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A Cautionary Tale for All Labs

Discussion in 'CSI Laboratories' started by Anonymous, Feb 28, 2013 at 3:06 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This from the Bioreference site:

    Originally Posted by MY CHEMICAL ROADRACE

    WOW!!! Other labs on this site had better pay attention to this too. Pushing needless and more expensive testing is going to come back and bite them big time.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Tell that to the 24 women in the U.S. who developed chancroid in 2010. Of course it's medically necessary to screen the entire female population of America for an organisim endemic to the developing nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

    LOL. What I love is how different companies pump women full of fear about ordering tests like these. Make it look like these diseases are common or that they will harm them if they dont find it ASAP. I noticed one company really putting out the scare tactics about Trichomonas lately trying to make all women fear that they may have it and not know it. Oh my, what will they do?

    Lab industry and health care in general is a cesspool. Its a bubble that is imploding just like housing, dot.com and on and on.