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Animal Health vs. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Discussion in 'Pfizer Animal Health' started by Anonymous, May 18, 2006 at 8:37 PM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Absolutely correct.

    This industry is garbage.

    Best move for newbies in sales is real estate/insurance, no question about it.

    M S L is good for sure, if you have the background for it. Pharmaceuticals/Medical industry is a scam for the most part, if you carefully look at it.

    The biggest tell? Well, are people living longer? NO. they are not. The lie is over.

  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Human Biologics is where the $ is....oncology....monoclonal antibodies.....big base salaries and $35-40k target bonus.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Depends on what you are looking for. Lower stress, no insurance or formulary issues (for the most part), minimal competition for doctor face time, easy of access, softer egos, receptive staff, etc. This is animal health. On the other hand, if you’re basically money motivated and don’t really feel the need to take pride in making a difference in patient lives, and pretty much the opposite of everything I said above, go the human pharma / medical direction. I’ve done both - you couldn’t hold a gun to my head to make me go the human route again.