Any new product releases?

Discussion in 'Bausch & Lomb' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2012 at 2:31 AM.

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    If there is going to be a reorganization holding mid-management accountable for product approvals may be prudent at this point in the game. Upper management has all been replaced recently. It is the mid-management that has been around for ages.

    If there are delays in product approvals this year it is time to look closely at mid-management. Did they make their timelines?

    If not it is time to do some serious thinking about restaffing mid-management.
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    Other than the name change to Development & Research there has been no real effort to shift more of the companies resources to development. So many people sitting on their -%$# and working on patents and publications but not contributing to the product development. No shift of resources and a poor team effort from the people currently in the research group for Development support leads to what we have. -- No product approvals from the FDA--
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    yep very soon. Will be a blockbuster.