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Arthrex is $HYT

Discussion in 'Arthrex' started by anonymous, Jun 9, 2019 at 11:03 PM.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Arthrex has killer products, I used to sell them, and a whole lot of them. They have swapped gears to managing MUCH smaller “distributors” because it’s that much easier to manipulate and demand. Pretty simple economics really. They are essentially washing out what they consider “old dogs” aka 17-20+ year veterans.

    Arthrex has ramped up their education both in labs , online, fellowship programs, and they do it well. Thus making it not as difficult to get surgeons and reps up to speed on procedures. They don’t really need seasoned “growth” veterans as from a company perspective they sort of do it in unison with marginal sales folks and it works.

    It’s good for them, but bad for anyone trying to build a solid career with Arthrex as a remote sales rep.

    These guys just don’t care about the people, that’s the bottom line. They need tray runners and the occasional rep who can cover a total shoulder or a total knee. That’s about it. In each distributor 2-4 guys make BANK, the rest eat ramen in the long run. Brutal truth.... it’s just not worth the stress long term but a great place to learn a lot short term.

    Their corporate team are almost so cookie cutter it will make you laugh. It’s like they are wearing wires transmitting to RS’s headset lol.