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Arthrex loses lawsuit

Discussion in 'Arthrex' started by Anonymous, Jun 23, 2011 at 9:38 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Smith & Nephew Plc (SN/), Europe’s largest maker of shoulder and knee implants, said it was awarded $85 million after a federal jury found Arthrex Inc. infringed the company’s patent on surgical anchors.
    The jury in Portland, Oregon, found that Arthrex’s Bio- SutureTak, Peek SutureTak, PushLock and Bio-PushLock violated the patent rights, London-based Smith & Nephew said in a statement today. Closely held Arthrex pledged to appeal.

  2. Anonymous

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    who cares. Arthrex will make that up in a week at a surgery center in virginia. i don't work for arthrex but i was in sports medicine and you are kidding yourselves if you think this means anything. arthrex is the #1 company in sports. smith and nephew is a joke, mitek was good but they are a joke now. Biomet and Stryker have potential but don't have nearly enough products in their bag to compete. arthrex is the #1 player in the market. that doesn't mean i would ever work for them. sports medicine blows and is boring. a trained monkey can cover an acl or cuff case. recon is the place to be. spine is another good spot to be in. you take an arthrex rep and put them in a revision knee case and watch them shot themselves. like i said, my 3 yr old son can cover a meniscal case
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    sports medicine is a joke. a trained monkey can cover an acl or cuff. put an arthrex rep in a revision knee or hip case and check their panties for the crap made. like i said, my dog can cover a meniscal case. sports medicine is ruining this industry by hiring untrained copy salesman to cover ever case when in reality a meniscal case doesn't need to be covered
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    So smart you can't even figure out how to use a message board. Ill go back to eating my bananas and flinging poop, and let this rocket scientiest figure out how to use the internet
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    hi, this is a device which outperforms tightrope, and has no patent issues.

    this is the video of the knot and how it works.

    test results-

    slippage of 0.16 mm after 1000 plus cycles. Tightrope slips about 2 mm as per their study.

    Load to failure is 866 N after 2000 cycles , (at which the knot breaks) . Tightrope breaks at 876.

    It easily outperforms tightrope both in graft protection and locking security.

    Simple to make .

    No patent infringement.

    Here's the YouTube link.