Best selling business books and the pharmaceutical industry.

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    So, I recently bought a few best selling business books by some very well respected authors, and all of them highlight what the best companies do on a consistent basis to get great performance.

    And it cracks me up to report that there is not one pharmaceutical company I know that follows these principles.

    The most obvious one to me was how the managers don't value any diverse input from the sales reps in pharmaceutical sales or medical sales. Its do it our way or nothing. Even if the company is not doing well.

    Also, the common demotivation tactics that are common in these industries.

    Just something to think about. I wish everyone here the best. I do hope you find a career that you love and are treated accordingly. There are not many good situations in this industry anymore. Its not your fault. And, if you feel "gaslit" or burned out because of a bad manager or bad company mission or whatever, you need to learn more about your options and read more about what makes a company great. You don't have to live this way your entire life.

    Another thing to consider and avoid (from these authors) are companies that overly compensate executive management. Its a bad sign. Better companies that get results are generally going to pay their lowest level employees a competitive wage as well. Find companies that value the entry level people just as much.

    Good luck to all. I wouldn't recommend any more you spend a considerable about of time in pharmaceuticals or medical sales or with bigger companies. There are too many political situations that will work against you, you will not make as much as you would like (unless you are willing to compromise your integrity), and you definitely won't have fun (YES, having fun at your work was something that the sustainable and profitable companies were doing as well).

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    Well, I work for Daiichi Sankyo, so I have no clue what you wrote.

    Do you have Cliff Notes? I used those to get my four year degree in underwater basket weaving.
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    Daiichi Sankyo. . How they survive is beyond me. Such a corrupt company with no backbone.