Botox is SOOOO inferior to Dysport and Xeomin

Discussion in 'Allergan' started by Anonymous, Nov 10, 2009 at 8:48 PM.

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    Yep, that's right, face it chumps


    dysport has a faster onset and lasts longer.


    xeomin is the SAME toxin, but without the protein.

    And botox has been saying for years and years that less protein is better.

    once xeomin hits the market, with dysport, there would be absolutely no reason why anyone would use Botox.

    unless, of course, you are a doctor who is bought by allergan. are you? Pretty sad, that you worked this hard to be a leader in medicine, in your field, and allergan is your pimp? how does it feel, to be their pawn? their puppet? their whore?

    think about it....if u are so afraid to say anything negative about botox, or afraid to use a different product, because u are scared your allergan masters will be "mad" at are a whore.

    shame on you. you can trust tho, that you will get ur just desserts, because u know that all of that is illegal, right? all those honoraria, research grants, in exchange for undying devotion to botox? not to mention ridiculously unethical.

    will it be worth it to throw your career away for the sake of a drug companY?

    especially now when there is so much better choices out there?

    and all u high and mighty allergan reps who walk around all stuck up, best find a job soon, u really think that allergan has ur back? lol.....

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    When the next wave of cuts come in all areas of Allergan and not even VP's see them coming like last time, everyone will get the message

    Come on Uncle Al, cut some people in November before Christmas, Oh yea thats right last time you waited till the end of January. Happy Holidays AGN
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    They'll get share, but not dominance. look at Europe. BTW the stick up your ass is showing...might need some anal lube - a product with which you are undoubtedly familiar
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    Dominance is relative

    One company's goal properly aligned is "happy happy joy joy"

    is not the same as "we need more we need more AGN way"

    Small is better when it comes to peace of mind and waking up wanted versus, what have you done for me lately
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    poor delusional nimrod, lol!

    u do realize that american payors are very different from european?

    if botox is the same as diysport is the same as xeomin, and dysport and xeomin are cheaper than botox, what insurance or formulary in their right mind would keep botox? u do know that once a generic hits the market, the name brand loses dominance, for that exact reason? dysport and xeomin r not generics, but the idea is the same.....same toxin, but cheaper.

    like the OP said, the only reason any american doc would continue to use botox when there are identical alternatives is because they are owned by allergan. what other possible reason would there be? some docs can be such cheap whores.

    and u know who u are.

    as for whats up ur ass, clearly its somethin more fleshy than a stick, b/c that's the only reason ul be keeping ur job at allergan, taking it from your manager. anyone with character or integrity would have quit or been fired long ago.

    face it AGN wackos....ur glory days are over. ur has beens.
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    Could not have been said better!!
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    If you're talking about working at Medicis you are out of your f*cking mind and Merz has yet to put a sales force together.
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    and there is the therapeutic and cosmetic sides to agn, whiner was obviously terminated at agn and wants to start smack
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    lol. smack? hardly worth the time. but say what, little slut, interesting how not one agn whore has stepped up to the plate and answered this simple question:

    if dysport and xeomin are the SAME and CHEAPER than botox, plus xeomin is more pure than botox, then what possible reason would any self respecting doctor, who cares about his patients, have to continue to using botox? what possible reason would any insurance have to keep botox first line?

    go ahead, whores, speak up! what have your marketing geniuses trained you to say to answer these questions? what have your "scientific" specialists (i gag when I say that) dug up in terms of data to defend anything at all?

    face it, ur going down. and if this liberal wacko health care reform passes, you know full well that the goal of gvmt run health care is to lower costs. u tell me which toxin will lower costs.

    more toxins on the market = agn less dominance, which means less need for slutty sales reps. will u be the first to go?

    count on it!
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    Twenty years of safety data and familiarity with using the product goes a long way. As a physician, it isn't prudent to switch to a new product especially one that isn't an exact replica just because it is less expensive. Most prefer to wait and see how the product performs in the hands of competitor KOL consultants and early adopters before considering use. How would feel if you or someone you care about are the first ones injected with a new toxin?
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    I work for Allergan and this is the one I can relate to! more more more......
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    lol....and this is exactly what you'll do when docs ask u to defend botox. what a useless tool. hey mr pyott, what a bunch of class acts, ur sales team, completely useless and lazy, and immoral....will do or say anything to increase their their docs, fondle their docs.....and, cry...yes, CRY.....boohoo.....when their docs even try to use the competition (and these are just the male reps).

    with a presumptious "quality" sales team like this, do u think ur failure is imminent?