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Calling all Sleep Apnea reps: Respironics vs ResMed vs Fisher & Paykel

Discussion in 'Respiratory' started by Anonymous, Sep 2, 2013 at 4:57 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hello all. I’m looking to gather some additional info for an upcoming interview and wondering if anyone has a deeper understanding of the Sleep Apnea medical space and the growing market trends?
    I’m entertaining an “unofficial” offer with 3rd largest provider, Fisher & Paykel, but looking to expand my knowledge on all 3 companies (Philips Respironics, ResMed and F&P), in hopes to better understand the competition within this industry.
    - What’s the market share percentages of this space?
    - Outside of fitment and comfort, Why chose one device over the competitor?
    - What’s the price point of these masks, humidifiers, etc?
    - Any new products in the pipeline that will be game changers?
    Any and all info is appreciated…

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have been out of the dme industry for about a year now (American homepatient) so I don't have any personal experience what it is like to actually work for a cpap manufacturer but I can give you some insight from a dme company perspective. reps from the 3 companies you listed would come to see us and show us their product but what it actually boiled down to was the price the product would cost the dme company. I'm not sure if things have changed but our branch preferred resmed products and the 2nd and 3rd choices being respironics and f&p. most doctors preferred resmed and when given a choice we would put a resmed cpap on a patient bc their price was the best along with not having to deal w many problems. I know that f&p price points were improving but the local mindset was that resmed was "the best". Also keep in mind that it also had a lot to do with the personal relationship between the rep and the provider. I personally did not deal w the day to day of masks, machines, etc but unfortunately the manuf who is able to negotiate a lower price point is probably going to win out when a dme company has a choice of which mask to put in a patient and the default locally was resmed. of course we wouldn't question what the dr would prescribe so the ultimate Goal is to sell the dr bc he doesn't care about price points he just wants the patient to have "the best". Sorry about the length.. Good luck to you!! maybe you should go around to some of the local sleep labs and ask them which cpap they prefer?
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Resmed and Respironics are always battling for 1st.

    -Resmed has the best mask lineup. Quietest machines. Reliable humidifiers. Nothing else to say about them. Machines feel cheap but they sell the best to patients. Just proves if you make something shine people will want it.

    -Respironics leads the low price war. By far. Their ASV may be a little better for
    patients with neuro muscular issues. Their machines are the loudest. And they break more often. I wouldnt let a family member use a Remstar Pro period. Theyre not the best option. They have a great FFM product line.

    -F&P has the second best mask selection. I can see them overtaking Resmed in the future mask wise. Their machines are EXCELLENT. However they are less user friendly (to old people). They lack a BIPAP/ASV option so they lose the high altitude patient base. Which is huge. And our clinicians are too lazy to learn them so they complain also. Personally though if I was a OSA patient. Id use F&P no question.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Has this changed much in the last few years!? I know resmed have a new wireless device out, have Philips got anything in the pipeline?
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    F&P or GTFO
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    This industry has suffered greatly through the ACA. It's a dying industry as far as sales opportunities on the sleep lab side although the manufacturers will still need reps for a few more years. It looks like eventually the mfg's will be selling directly to the patient's as they've started doing in Europe.
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guest


    I currently work for a DME with a background in marketing. While the above are correct in many ways I'll give my opinion on this as well. We have entire hospitals and clinics that require only Respironics and/or F&P equipment as far as machines go. The love the data read out for the more detailed wave for graphs. In my personal experience these machines also last longer. You get far more like out of a Respironics machine. They have also launched the noninvasive masks with the Dreamwear and Amara View.

    Resmed has some cutting edge sleep technology as seen in their For Her models. Because women Breathe differently than men this has proved helpful. They also have ultra light mask frames with the 10 series masks. Though this may sound silly, I'll tell you that the case is of importance to patients. This is another area that Resmed delivers. They have very attractive, well made and protective travel cases.

    F&P simply does not get the credit they are due. They are, hands down, the best made masks on the market. The headgear is made of high quality materials and the cushions ar far softer than the others. The Pilairo mask is great for people who have different size nostrils with it's super conforming one size fits all pillow. The Eson and Simplus both have extra soft cushions and lots of adjustment in the cushy headgear. They also have Sense Awake technology that banks the pressure off when it detects you waking. This helps you stay asleep. The last thing they don't get credit for is that they have a the year warranty on their machines where the others only offer 2.

    As I have watched the recent unfolding of the Resmed v. F&P I am puzzled because I see far more resemblance between Resmed and Respironics designs than them to F&P. As I said before, F&P delivers a far superior mask as far as quality. F&P has filed suit against Resmed for similarities in the machines. We shall see...
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Does anyone know the salary range for the three companies?
    Differences in bonuses?