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CardioNet MCOT vs eCardio ER920W

Discussion in 'Cardionet' started by Anonymous, Dec 29, 2011 at 11:20 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I"m just a patient - you know the one who ultimately pays the bills. Last year I was scripted the e-Cardio ER920W 30 day event monitor. It was easy to use and the e-Cardio staff were great when I did have questions. There was a lot I was just curious about. I was Dx'd w/Atrial fibrillation w/one critical and one serious event reported.

    This year my cardiologist wants to monitor my response to medication and has scripted the CardioNet MCOT. I had been expecting the e-Cardio monitor again. I was surprised by the size of the box when it arrived and totally intimated by all the paraphenalia in it!!! I"m ready to send it back to CardioNet w/o even removing the contents.

    Is the MCOT superior in some way to the ER920W??? In what way? The MCOT just arrived this evening and my cardiologist is not available now until Monday to ask WHY he ordered this complicated mess instead of the ER920W.
  2. Anonymous

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    Oooops. Spelling. "... totally intimidated by all the paraphenalia ..."
  3. Anonymous

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    Who you trying to bullshit. Why would you access a message board asking which monitor is superior?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Dont be intimidated by the contents. You are only wearing the small sensor and the monitor can be left on your kitchen table, and carried with you when you leave the house. A base unit is included, but you only need that if you do not have cell coverage in your home.
    The mcot will give your md a better sense of how much AF you are actually having. MCOT is a much better device for you and your MD if you give it a chance.

    BTW, dont listen to the last idiot, it is probably an upset competitor.
  5. Thank you for the civil answer, Anonymous 2. After reading thru this forum I wasn't at all surprised by the reply from Anonymous 1. There appears to be quite a few obnoxious, ignorant, foul-mouthed posters here.

    I rather figured given the MCOT utilizes 3 leads to the ER920W's 2 leads that there might be some advantage to the MCOT. That and curiosity is the only thing that kept me from re-packing and shipping it back!

    I don't like surprises and being kept outta the loop.

    I have copies of the eCardio reports and have only seen that quick partial report page that scrolls thru the top of one of the CardioNet web pages. I like the eCardio reports. I can easily understand them. I'm looking forward to seeing an MCOT report.
  6. Hey, Anonymous 2: I take it you work for or are in some way affiliated w/CardioNet? I'd like to make a suggestion. Include a CD/DVD w/those 9 videos CardioNet has at their website for setting up and activating the MCOT.

    When CardioNet called to tell me they were shipping the MCOT the lady asked if I had a 'puter and wanted to activate via the 'puter or a phone call. I elected for the 'puter thinking that would allow me to refer back to anything I might have forgotten or wanted to better understand or whatever.

    What I didn't understand is that the instructions would be a serious of NINE VIDEOS. I am stuck w/Frontier 42.6 to 46.6 Kbps slow speed dial up. Do you have ANY idea of how long it takes to download ONE 2 1/2 minute video w/slow speed dial up??? FERGEDDIT! Ain't a gonna happen at this house!!

    I called and asked CardioNet WHY they don't include a CD/DVD w/the videos on it w/the kit they ship. The lady said they used to but not that many people could use them. Well, yeah, years ago not that many people had a CD/DVD drive on their puters but geeze now almost all 'puters have a CD/DVD drive and heaven knows CDs/DVDs are cheap enough. I asked if it would be possible to get a CD/DVD w/the videos on it but was told no so we had to arrange for a 1 hour telephone appointment for tonight. *sigh* I'd so much rather have the videos to refer back to . *sigh*

    Also we only have 2 phones, neither of which is in the bedroom. And we are in a somewhat poor cell phone reception area. Twice eCardio had to call me on the land line and ask me to hold the monitor to the telephone for it to transmit.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You sound like an intelligent person based on your War and Peace response. Again, I say this is a BS story
  8. Anonymous

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    Yeah, I know a lot of patients wearing the monitors who request and keep copies of their reports. Nothing like a little light reading at night- SVT, Mobitz and Torsades - thrilling stuff!!! Just don't let the sticker shock on your EOB get you too down.
  10. Anonymous

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    You might want to look into getting an EMR system to handle all your reports from your other doctors. I suggest NextGen or Allscripts.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i believe LifeWatch is superior to both
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    If indeed you were having issues, you'd simply accept what your phsyician ordered and wear the device.Why would the average joe question the fact about 3 vs 2 leads?What patient has access to his own reports, let alone personal copies? I agree this is simply a bullshit post

  13. Anonymous

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    This is the most action I have seen from this board in months!! Thanks OP for stirring up more stories about that "unit" shipped in a freaking suitcase! I was about to give up looking here but
    this usually is a very entertaining site. It was turning into the LifeBitch board until this. Maybe there really is life at CardioNot!
  14. Anonymous

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    CardioNet MCOT is from BraeMar, who makes the ER902W (W meaning wireless). eCardio has the ER920W. Has everyone forgot that THESE ARE THE SAME MONITORS!!!??? What great customer service we have here..... Morons... So this falls not on which product is better, in which they are the same thing, but which service is better.... which both are lacking.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    they are not the same monitor. maybe same platform/basis but the mcot has some distinct advantages that allow the trends to be built. you can not build trends with the 920W. it is simply an auto trigger event monitor that auto sends. it has limited programming. you should get your facts straight.