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Consulting’ for pharma companies: is it worth the time of day?

Discussion in 'Healthcare Consultants - General Discussion' started by anonymous, Jan 5, 2018 at 7:11 PM.


Is consulting for phamra now over regulated, to the’ point it is a disincentive to become a co

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    As an senior academic +25 years service, I have seen a dive to’ the bottom when’ we are invited to provide consulting services and’ ad board service to the’ pharmaceutical sectors’. They are paying less good rates, flights on cheapest enc class seats, on bugdet airlines for senior PhD or more higher level experts. Gone are nice dinners, good driver pick up service and five’ star hotels. Has the sunshine and EU PHAMRA compliance’ demands put all KOL, like me, off doing this service. Being a KOL can be enjoyable, varied, well regarded, and’ learn a lot. There’ is a lot to be’ enjoyed, Yet, only a decade ago, many KOL were considered an asset to pharmaceutical companies. But not, we are treated like low class workers,always having rules that limit our’ practice and’ work, all’ blamed on compliance rules. So what do’ other do? Have you quit? or like me, cut it down dramatically, ? or found a way to’ get back to being treated with a little more’ respect for the value senior KOL can give Companies?

    I accept, the silly excessives of past has lead to this over regulation, but it’s putting academics off doing this.

    Any ideas how we can get regulator, in the EU first’ to as ease up so providing consulting by academics’ is not seen as something we’ should not really do, and to making us be’ so tied up in red tape, that this field is not’ free as it was just five years ago,? Have you seen less academics doing advisory board? Do you expect these’ CRO will take over all the academics s work, as I do? All ideas welcome,otherwise, I see a turndown’ in academics doing consulting, which will be a loss to pharma, and’ ultimately patients, given advisory board are needed to help design good trials or research programs’ in pharmaceutical sector. what’s you view?