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Discussion in 'IQVIA Sales' started by anonymous, Feb 14, 2019 at 8:03 AM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Does IQVIA have Corporate Cards and if so what cards do they use. Thank you!
  2. anonymous

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    When I worked there they did and it was AMEX but many companies have changed to VISA
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    I worked on a couple of shitty inVentiv (now Syneos) contracts a few years ago that did not offer corporate cards. You had to use your own credit card and wait to be reimbursed. It was a nightmare for many, especially since expense reports were often rejected, reimbursements delayed, etc. Reps incurred late charges on their cards. Some ended up maxing out their cards because of the number of lunches they were pressured to facilitate (and pay for with their own cards) and the delays in reimbursement from the company. A Kansas City rep had to have her manager involved in escalating the issue to get it resolved after a 2-month delay in reimbursement, where she had racked up almost $10K on her card from paying for lunches and other expenses. After that job I vowed I would never work for a company that did not provide a corporate card. It's a deal breaker. And fortunately it's an anomaly - it's not industry standard to not provide a corporate card.