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Covid-19 < MONEY!!

Discussion in 'Abbott' started by anonymous, Mar 22, 2020 at 7:43 AM.


Fuck Abbott?

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Abbott Clonmel do not care about the Covid-19 pandemic. All they care about is their profits and bottom line.

    Social distancing is non existant on the production lines. It has been raised many times that we are not following the governments guidelines but nothing is being done about it. Targets have not reduced, we are expected to work the exact same way shoulder to shoulder as if there was no lethal worldwide pandemic. Its disgraceful.

    People with symptoms who are self isolating are being intimidated and bullied into coming back to work. Some are too afraid of losing their job to even do the right thing and stay at home. A supervisor named derek in vessel closure actually rang some employees who had symptoms and stayed home, and demanded proof and spoke to them like dogs, real bully boy carry on.

    Something needs to be done. We understand that we make medical devices, but blatantly ignoring government warnings in the name of money should be a criminal offence and abbott need to be called out and this needs to be everywhere. Cop on abbott and care about your workers, without whom you wouldnt even have a business.