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CSI is an awful place to work!!!

Discussion in 'CSI Laboratories' started by anonymous, Sep 16, 2016 at 11:21 AM.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    When I first started working for this company, I thought I could have a great career there. It looks from the outside like a really neat place. Nice facility and amenities. But looks can be deceiving. It's all smoke and mirrors to mask a dysfunctional place with poor leadership.

    Let's start at the top with the CEO. Ron seems like a nice guy, but he is weak. He allows his awful leadership team to run the company, while the leaders who were good were run out of the company. At least some of them got really great payouts when they left. Ron was stupid enough to give them employment contracts that were millions of dollars. Not smart. But this is CSI that were talking about. Ron practically threatened employees if they would not contribute to some charity that he was collecting money for. One of the employees who did not contribute was told that she would be on his "blacklist." That is intimidation and harassment as far as I am concerned.

    Next, let's talk about the HR Department. The supposed HR Director, Nicole, is completely incompetent and a very nasty person. I cannot for the life of me understand how she is an HR Director. She does not care about anyone but herself.

    I have never known an HR person to be such a conniving, back-stabbing, evil person. Ron is stupid to keep her at the company while she does terrible things to the employees. She cannot be trusted at all. She tries to look like she knows what she is doing, but she is completely incompetent. She was pissed off at someone and illegally made them an exempt employee because she thought they were making too much. News Flash - have you heard of FLSA? Nicole is vindictive and mean. Before they had two additional, really nice and competent people on the HR team that I liked talking to, but that nasty woman, probably ran them off. From what I heard, she fired one of them for no good reason. I used to talk to HR, but I have no desire to even look at her in the break room after what I have seen her do to people.

    Do they think that the employees are not speaking with each other about what is going on? We are always talking about them. The morale in this place is awful, but they do not care. All this leadership does is lie to the employees that are making them money, while they act like everything is okay.

    There are so many reasons to run away from this place. I think that they are financially unstable and broke. Ron bought our building and probably can't really afford this place, another stupid decision on his part. They try to act like they care about the employees, but they don't. If you want to work for a place that looks good on the outside, but is awful on the inside, run do not walk to CSI Laboratories.

    I am looking for a new job and cannot wait to leave this terrible, failing company.
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    You're totally right about everything except one item. Ron G is not a nice guy. Yes, he is stupid, but it's because he is a worthless, lying narcissist. I'm glad the past CEOs made off with a bundle. His first and biggest error was losing HC. I hope the day comes when he doesn't have a penny to finance $500 ties and airplanes. I want to see the heavens open up and dump a ton of excrement on his empty head. Nicole probably cannot add 1+1. She is pathetically stupid. A nice Waffle House wouldn't even hire her to wash dishes.

    A day of reckoning is inevitable. Hopefully, the worst of it will fall on RG, NM and FD--all sicko, self-serving, lying fools.
  3. No one needs to worry. Those former "family" members that Ron and Nicole did wrong have sought legal counsel. Ron and Nicole will have their day in court and won't know what hit them. Their attorneys are gathering information and it will be painful to the labs managment team who have allowed this to continue. Rumor has it that Ron even admitted he knew Nicole was doing wrong but could not afford to take care of it. The man is a darn fool! His managment team is a problem and just lining their own pockets. All of them!
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Ron is as guilty as Nicole. I hope you're right. I hope their day of reckoning is at hand. Nicole has probably violated every rule in the book. I know for a fact that she disclosed personal information about one employee to another.
  5. Please post details as this information could seriously help information being gathered. Thank you.
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    I don't know whose posting. Could be RG or the intellectually and morally challenged, Nicole. If a case makes it to court, post it here, and I'll show up. Nicole and RG could be financially liable for a lot of violations of laws protecting privacy of employees. I personally would love to see them both pay up. They are the dregs of humanity. RG is the worst, always out portraying himself as one persecuted by Quest for just trying to do the right thing. He should be in Guinness World Records for biggest liar that ever lived. What a worthless little narcissist.