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    While the CEO interferes in the US business , publicly berates people and demotivates the staff, do not join, he has no idea, CEO is the reason so many sales people have left the company
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    Consider yourself lucky if you're looking at working for this company and you find this thread. All of the above is true. Don't ever trust what recruiters tell you and don't make the mistake of working for this company!
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    You will need to be taking powerful anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication if you decide to work for this company...
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    Hello...to add to this great thread, this is a special transmission from your CEO Markus Cock direct from the penal colony down under.

    First off, I want you all to know that I drive an Audi and just in case you didn't already come to this brilliant conclusion, I'm a superior human being in every aspect.

    Second, I also want you to know that I'm extra special because I'm German but I live in Austrailia with the rest of these Aussie Dingo bastards.

    And third, Austrailian interference in US business operations will be expanded incompetently and will continue indefinitely or at least until the company goes down in flames or is purchased by an idiotic and unsuspecting 3rd party as is typically the case in the high integrity and well respected field of medical waste management.

    To update you, Sunday evening conference calls will be held weekly from now until you exit the company. As a special measure, during NFL football season, these conference calls will be extended from 1 hour to 3 hours. All conference calls will include extensive & awkward public humiliation and will be followed by 30 minutes of waterboarding (1 hour if you do not achieve +150% of your unrealistic sales quota).

    Also, please remember that however hard you work and whatever good you do for this company simply will not be good enough. We will continue raising the bar (that is assuming we can find the bar as I believe someone in either Executive Management or Finance may have misplaced it and if so we'll need to forge a new bar as quickly as possible). We will keep you updated on the status of this.

    Just in case you got your hopes up, I wanted to remind you that you shouldn't even think about making any commission here because through our creative accounting, complex commission plans, convoluted CBA process, and questionable company policies, we will figure out a way to take it away from you. In fact, how about you just start paying the company for the pleasure of working at this fine establishment? I'll get with Finance and make this a top initiative on my priority list.

    For our next order of business, please schedule your procedures ASAP to have the Medismart containers surgically attached to your bodies. This is the necessary next step we must take as an organization to insure these containers are with you at all times because as you know, if you do not have a Medismart container with you, you are nothing more than a simple "Garbage Man" and we just can't have a bunch of simple Garbage Men running about and mucking things up.

    To close things out because I'm such a witty, inspiring, intelligent, superior, well respected and motivational leader, I have three special words for you, can you guess what they are? Maybe we can play a fun little game of Hangman to help you out although this did take the Canadian team about 12 hours and they had to use their lifeline to call in their Canuck buddy Michael Sloopka to help them figure it out but what else would you expect?

    Here, I'll help you out, are you ready? Here they are:


    Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm so funny. Very good. That is all for now. Markus out...
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    And now Markus fires another sale person

    He is on a roll, how many people can you hire and fire in 12 months???

    When will he learn???

    The German in him keeps coming out, more firing!!

    Dan Daniels where are you, save this company from this mad man!!
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    Did you guys ever hire a National Sales Director for US? I looked at the opportunity around November/December time frame but took something else
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    Yes, I hear they did hire a new Director of US Sales. Take this opportunity to pray and send thanks to the god above that he somehow diverted you from committing career suicide at this poor excuse of a company.
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    Yeah, I work for Covidien and in my market, Daniels has ONE customer....pretty sad b/c your container is actually pretty decent.
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    Wow. It sounds like we worked at a completely different company. To hear someone talk about any of their employers like that, shocks and saddens me deeply.
    I have been with SharpSmart for several years and I have to say I have the utmost respect for all the leaders in the organisation.
    Markus is tough when he needs to be, but he is fair, and a very smart manager. I have seen a serious side and funny side to Markus. He made a few mistakes in hiring and keeping people that were not right for the job or the company but no one is perfect.
    Markus supported me in my career and he has supported many others to reach their potential. SharpSmart is a great company with 100s of good employees, good leaders and great values over several decades.

    I am not even going to dignify some of these remarks with a response. Everyone has the right to free speech and this portal seems to be an avenue for a disgruntled ex employee to vent his anger for losing a job.

    Bitterness will hold you back, look forward and get on with life.
    Your attitude determines your altitude.
    Positive energy creates momentum.
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    Clearly you have not worked at the pointy end of the business

    Detailed reply to follow

    Markus, wait for this, you will love it ..............

    Dan Daniels get your notebook ready some home truths to come ...............
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    Daniels BLOWS!!!
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    Regarding the 4/6 happy horse sh!t post, seriously what planet is this person from?

    I'm sure people said similar things about how great Hitler and the Nazi party was and look how that ended up...
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    To Mr. Daniels
    As the owner of this business, many of us who have worked for the company are wondering when you will do something to take back control of the company from Markus Koch
    Markus has had more and more influence in the business in the last few years, and I think you know the impact that this influence has had on the overall business, based on what limited information we have ever been provided with
    Trying to run a business from Australia with a person with no interpersonal skills and who has taken control of the sales team is just plain stupid given his lack of ability to communicate, unless it is one way communication, his way, which is typified by public humiliation, berating and belittling of staff
    His ability to motivate a team is non-existent; all he has achieved is making up arbitrary numbers and then then firing people when they do not achieve them.
    Markus is a curse on the US business and something needs to be done before he ruins the company that has been built by many good people over the years. No one respects then man or his lack of ethics and honesty. As you can see from the posts above there are a lot of people that have similar views on Markus and his lack of leadership capabilities.
    The theory has been espoused that Daniels Sharpsmart hires nice people, which is certainly not the case with Mr. Koch
    Spend some time in the business Mr. Daniels by YOURSELF and ask some questions of people in private and in confidence and you may be surprised what you really find out about your CEO and his management style of lack thereof.
    From an ex-employee, who resigned, because of Markus, and got out thankfully, and who knows many others who have similar thoughts and took similar actions in leaving, over to you Mr. Daniels.
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    Daniels sucks A$$!
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    For all the potential sales people being recruited by head hunters out there... After they claim that you can make 150k or better a year ask them for what the average sales person makes and the average time of employment at Daniels is. For sales it is under 2 years and salary and commission combined are at best half of what is promised. The number 1 sales person in the US never even comes close to the promised numbers.The company has a decent product and should win over the competition all day but finance has unrealistic demands on margins and the infrastructure is not there to support competitive pricing. Stericycle continues to win work against us due to lower pricing and better programs. The CEO flies off the handle on every sales call and I can only imagine his attitude at the upcoming sales meeting in Florida. The company rolled out a new system called Medsmart and has told everyone no liners are required and how safe it is. The most absurd thing is I was told by JHACO that every medical waste container has to have a liner and is a federal regulation! Oops guess someone missed that. We get ripped apart on a weekly basis for how horrible we are at sales and now find out our company is training Waste Management sales people on our products to sell directly to hospitals??? Not sure how long Daniels will employ their own staff if they have hundreds of WM sales people out marketing the products. The management team spends so much time flying around the country they get nothing accomplished with the exception of sending out emails delegating work down the ladder. Potential victims/employees listen... RUN FORREST RUN!!!!