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    How did your first week of training go?
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    Are these guys out in the field yet .... and do they have a product to sell?
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    what a joke...DaTscan is being pushed back 6 months (at least) and they are making them sell Visipaque?! i'd be pissed if i were them...i'm sure they are on their way to finding new jobs
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    Has DATSCAN hit the market?

    What has happend to the sales force they hired to sell the product?
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    Nope, still waiting.

    The sales force is still with the company, sort of. They were all given a temporary Cardiovascular specialist job. It has been pretty awful, they don't know who they really report to and have been hosed on bonus pay outs.

    My experience is that they hired at least a handful of douche bags and mixed them with some good people. Then told them they were the greatest thing that ever happened to GE. I heard that there have been a few on the east coast that have left the company. The ones that are still here are either worthless or scared.
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    Heard DATSCAN was approved in mid-Jan and plan to launch in March. One problem is that the drug is Sched II because it contains trace amounts of the ingredients of cocaine (although at a dose so small as to be unable to be used as such). That could cause a problem in distribution; I doubt if many (if any) nuclear pharmacies are licensed or willing to go through the stuff to distribute scheduled drugs.

    Any comments?

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