DeRoyal DME continuum vs CARES DME outsourcing

Discussion in 'DeRoyal' started by Anonymous, Oct 31, 2011 at 12:39 PM.

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    Does anyone know about this new program from DeRoyal? Are we really generating that much revenue for the hospital? How does it compare to CARES?
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    Cares is a "stock & bill" whereby they make the profit from the billing of orthotics. DeRoyal's program facilitates the hospital making the money themselves.
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    If hospitals could do it themselves or it was worth it to do themselves why are there so many stock and bills?
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    Hospitals can't self-refer or bill for 48 hour admits for Medicare. This has to be a non-issue.

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    I've seen the continuum machine. It seems to only benefit DeRoyal. Hospitals can't use GPO pricing, so truly the only benefit is that DeRoyal requires you purchase their most expensive items.

    Unless your hospital has its own dme and is extremely familiar with billing low cost dollared items, it can't be a net gain considering the rental fees, IT headaches, extra space required for these closets.
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    DeRoyal's Continuum program is itself a stock & bill program with 2 options:
    1. A hospital can use its own DME to remove the orthotics cost from the hospital, transfer it to the DME then the DME can bill for the products.
    2. A hospital can outsource its orthotics to an unrelated DME who will take the cost from the hospital and bill themselves.
    Unlike the Hanger program, DeRoyal is NOT billing themselves and the automation is slick, VERY slick thereby reducing charge back from lost charges to virtually nothing.
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    12 hospital system and we have it implemented in two of our hospitals. We have our own DME and it has saved us money on the hospital side, made us money on the DME side, increased patient, employee, and physician satisfaction and we are expanding it to all of our facilities. If you own your own DME -- this is a no-brainer.

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