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Did Yasu say...No more layoffs?

Discussion in 'Takeda' started by Anonymous, Apr 13, 2012 at 11:17 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

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    Lets be honest. Those guys did a great job launching TAP. But after Prevacid and Lupron they had no plan. they just rode those products into the ground. They didn't look ahead and our fate was sealed. Then when they took over Takeda they really had no clue what to do and now they are all gone and we are screwed.
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  3. Anonymous

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    Well first off your rules are wrong. Last I checked revenue is all money coming in not just a certain selected group of income earners. Obviously the field sales products will not be generating the huge sales revenue like the past. Leadership has acknowledge this and stated the plan is to bottom the next several years and regain growth as new products enter the market and others grow...something like 2017ish return to past revenue. So with that as the plan you DO INCLUDE all products knowing that they are bridging us to the future.

    These are from 3rd qtr and do not include any grow factor.

    Dexilant: $296 Million yr
    Uloric: $160 Million yr
    Edarbi/Family $4 Million yr (much higher then these #'s)
    Amitiza: $232 Million yr
    Colcyrs: $430 Million yr
    Prevacid: $232 Million yr
    Prevacid AG: 17 Million yr
    Rozerem: $52 Million yr
    Generics: $170 Million yr
    Nesina & Oseni- ?
    Actos 6months 1.6Billion

    Total without Actos or Nesina products

    With Actos 6 months


    With Actos 6 months Branded, Nesina & Oseni, Omontys, and some growth of exisiting products?

    $3.3-3.5 Billion in 2012.

  4. Anonymous

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    Tap could easily have survived on Lupron, Dex, otc Prev, Uloric, and ColeCris

    The Takeda Legacy Group was/is worthless

    At least Cole teamed up with Goldman and
    Got shit done!

    I would keep the 1/10 good Tak Legacy reps
    And roll with Tappers its the only way

  5. Anonymous

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    that worthless legacy group you keep whining about? They bought your nostalgia and they bought it because they had more money and they had more money because the reps ate your lunch every day in the field and the reps ate your lunch cause you are a dork who signs posts on an anonymous web chat board douche
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    English very bad! He said "no more payoffs",meaning forget about a decent severance!
  9. Anonymous

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    Let's REALLY be honest here. Prevacid and Lupron would be great drugs even if blind monkeys sold it. There are way too many people taking credit for drugs that were successful IN SPITE of their efforts rather than BECAUSE of their efforts, as so many like to claim.

    Actos is the same thing. Takeda reps were and still are a joke. Ask Lilly, Kos, Cephalon, Sucampo, etc. Why do you think lightning has never struck again? Look at all the upper management people who think they made Actos what it is? Guess what.....it's the other way around.

    Get over yourselves people and pray for the REAL stars to shine.....the dumb luck of a unique molecule accidently falling into your lap.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You are so right. There is an old saying; "In business circles, success has many parents. Failure, however, is an orphan."
  11. Anonymous

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    Can't fully agree with your post. I can completely agree with you post regarding Actos. One competitor pulled from the market and the other has a major negative lable change. As much as we tried to screw up marketing Actos, there is no way it could have not been a multi billion dollar product.

    On the other hand, Prevacid was the second PPI launched and went against the power house of Merck and Astra. With 3 additional competitors on Prevacids heals, that was a drug that needed to be sold and TAP did a great job. From securing managed care contracts against major competition to feet on the street reps pulling through at the physician level. Lupron had no market and TAP created that market. They also kept over 80% share in the face of huge pricing competition from AZ for Zoladex. Prevacid and Lupron took great marketing, sales and managed care to be successful product. Actos? Well blind monkeys could have driven that product to $3 billion a year.

    It is time to get rid of the Takeda Legacy dead weight and replace all possible with URL reps. Unfortunately, all we have left in managed markets RAM and NAM ranks is Takeda Legacy. That is one of the MAJOR reasons we are sucking now.

    It's time to purge all Takeda Legacy from this company. I know most out there agree.
  12. Anonymous

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    Typical tapper. BLINDLY loyal even with all the evidence now in plain sight after 4 years of screwing up. Its like commenting on the beautiful view while the car is going over the cliff.
  13. Anonymous

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    Why don't you want to sign your posts anymore #realtalk? Rezulin was pulled from the market before Actos was even approved. How does that constitute a competitor? Do you have a clue? Avandia was a GSK breadwinner who outspent us 3 to 1. Then it gets restricted. Ask a Celebrex rep how well they did when Vioxx went down- it hardly helps. Oh and then add cancer on top of that.

    "As much as we tried to screw up marketing Actos, there is no way it could have not been a multi billion dollar product." After not even getting the story straight. Are you serious??

    You claim that there were three competitors at Prevacid's heels? You were in the lead and you lost the race is that what you mean? You were getting paid in the shade doing no work and then AZ came and sleighed you. The funny thing is selling a PPI is the most simple pharma sell I have done in my 11 years. I have never even reviewed a single study in the 2 years I have promoted Dex Don't get me wrong, it's a fun sell and I like it. But ask anyone how it compares to diabetes
  14. Anonymous

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    Somebody better tell that person that said we were getting over $200 million in sales from Amitiza that the drug is GONE!!!!! Sucampo is taking the drug back. Don't believe me look at their website under careers.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's called planning. Just because they are posting and interviewing for 100 reps doesn't mean they have hired them. Check out the Sucampo board to see how many people that were interviewed have not heard back from the company about the next step.
    It could be Sucampo is queing up candidates in the event that they do get a judgement. No judgement could mean no hiring.