Does paying the doctor for treatment a AKS issue?

Discussion in 'Laboratory/Diagnostic Sales General Discussion' started by anonymous, Feb 11, 2019 at 6:54 PM.

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    Patient has diagnostic sample collected at office. They mail it out. I get paid. Doctor does not getga cent. Based on test results, if the patient needs therapy, I want to pay for it on behalf of the patient. The doctor is the one providing the therapy so I'm basically paying the doctor. The test results prove medical necessity.

    How do I make this work? The patients who need therapy are not getting it because it is too expensive. The therapy is FFS, the diagnostic test was billed to insurance.

    Can I pay the doctor for the ability to be able to contact the patient when it runs out and get them on a subscription refill model? Patient would consent that they are getting the first phase of treatment for free, as long as I can reach out. This allows for a risk free trial.

    I'm not trying to milk anything. I actually want to have better patient results than any other model on the market for this issue.
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    If you’re trying to determine whether your illegal scheme is a legal scheme, you should already know the answer. The fact that you have to ask whether you can get away with it tells you it doesn’t smell right. Go for it, it might take them years before they throw you in jail.
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    Hey great information, thanks!

    To clarify, I am trying to solve a problem. The problem is that there is overwhelming evidence showing that all other attempts nationwide to treat these patients has failed. Given that, alongside side crystal clear medical necessity, and within 2 months we would be able to show higher patient adoption than any other model nationwide.. how do I make this work?

    Consider for a moment there is no abuse taking place, everyone is absolutely working in the best interest of the patient, and that medically necessary services will be derailed.

    Any ideas?
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    Sounds ILLEGAL to me, have you not read EKRA rules. We have ex FBA agent on staff at Supreme. Many jealous people of our success on here but we no what we are doing. AND we can make your physicians MONEY LEGALLY by initiating them in clinical studies. Don't believe all the negativity on here about Supreme, it is just jealously mostly on one part from a distributor who I took reps from many years ago and they are just jealous I own my own lab
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    TI - biggest con man in cafe pharma history.
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    I've read the rules. I've watched everyone break said rules. Patients are getting screwed. I have a better option and am trying to find a way to make it work. Have on deck the ability to help tons of people. We want to give the shit away for free to those who would benefit. It seems that even when it's free we are breaking laws. I've spoken with the OIG to do preventative dialogue and gotten nowhere.

    I reach out to Supreme a few minutes ago. I'm aware of the opinions on this board and am able to navigate independent of such.
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    You are too late, apparently he has abandoned his " lab " and he has now moved on to hawking some sort of Cannabis scheme which he is posting all over over Linkedin. Check it out. So entertaining
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    I wonder if his church knows about him peddling Cannabis. Anything for a buck I guess...