Dr. Drew Pinsky slams Subutex and Suboxone on Howard Stern show

Discussion in 'Reckitt Benckiser' started by Anonymous, Nov 8, 2009 at 11:28 PM.

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    Comedian Artie Lange used both for a while, but struggled with Subutex, even losing hair on parts of his body. When Subutex came up on the show while interviewing Dr. Drew (Celebrity Rehab), he slammed it as being "the new methadone," would not use it, and would question his colleagues that do, saying to them, "If you had an opiate addiction, would you be using this stuff? No, you'd be in therapy and doing it opioid free." NOT a glowing review.
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    Oh dear god. Dr. Drew goes on the Howard Stern show. Who gives a shit what review he may give. Any degree of credibilty goes out the window when associated with either "Celeb Rehab" and Howard Stern. He is defaming a product that would cut his business out. He makes a living hoping for relapse. Turnstyle medicine. What a dumbass you are for even giving his word, or this show any credit. Its going to be okay, little girl.
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    Thanks for reinforcing your complete and utter ignorance. Hollywood, the last resource for people who have no knowledge of sound scientific literature. Lets see, who would I turn to for credible scientific reporting? Would it be Charlie Sheen? No wait, no, its Alec Baldwin,the queen of the driveby media, yes, he knows everything. Probably will be nominated for the next Nobel Peace Prize, if the leftists have their way. Who knows, with minds like your, maybe you could get Michael Moore elected as president? Lets see, I guess the AMA, the surgeon general, ASAM. the APA, and just about every medical group that exists with credibility left, is wrong. No, its Dr. Drew and Howard Stern we must trust.

    I'm thinkin the Oxycontin must have finally eaten your brain.
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    Thank God, reason prevails for some of you. The problem with looking up to celebs is that they are usually highly flawed needy souls in the first place. Once their ego gets a taste of the attention they so desperately need, that whatever sanity they started out with, gets sucked out once the attention of the media daily plumps up their pathetic shrunken egos.

    Word to the wise, don't look up to celebrities. Don't look to them for answers, especially important ones that could save your life or a love ones. Celebrities are just that. Little caricatures of their former selves, kinda like our managers. At one time, they had a shot at a semblance of decency, but in their pursuit for recognition and money, they became even very very ill.
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    Omg these pills n question give people a 50% chance of getting off of opiates where as they dnt have that chance before. Used under Dr. care & counseling people have a high success rate. A lot of people aren't celebs n dnt have financial means of entering rehab so yes it does help. Dr. Drew u gotta b careful in the advising of patients n b sure to mention to viewers dat the participants are under supervised care. And U personally dnt believe n subox
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    So yeah, not looking to celebs for advice concerning momentous health issues is a no freaking brainer...
    But who can we look to for direction then (wail)?
    You compromised cash grubbers epitomize not only NEVER biting the hand that wacks you off, but attacking all the little hands that don't.

    Your loyalty is inspiring.
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    If you were to hear from actual patients and not JUST the media, I think you would have a very different opinion. However, it seems as if you have made up your mind, based on a celebrity doc's opinion and thats your choice. For those that have chosen to take a treatment that has dramatically improved the quality of their lives (not to mention their families) and in many cases, saved lives, they too, have the right to their choices. I don't think its necessary to make demons out of people for their choices or for demonizing the entire pharmaceutical industry. If it weren't for research, the development of life saving treatments and people who are will to go out and educate physicians about that, there would be a whole lot of dead people, not to mention people suffering terribly. Its not the black and white world that the ever droning media makes money off of promoting. You think they don't get a whole bucketload of cash from the advertisers who pay for their programming? Lets take a look at who makes the most money at unsuspecting people's expense. You sound as if you have had a very bad experience or are just a very angry person, blinded by your anger and unable to see the big picture.
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    Thank you for speaking so eloquently for the thousands that have either suffered with addicition or the families that have suffered. Dr. Drew has no credence for those of us who have suffered along with family members or for those that have been addicted. How many hundreds of thousands have we already spent on just say no abstinence rehabs that didn't work; many times making mulitple stays at these rehabs. If they worked does anyone think that thousands would have sought out medication assisted treatment? This medication has offered renewed hope; hope for a future and a life. As a parent; I thank you as do the many that I have referred to this medication assisted treatment.
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    As one who has experienced about every perspective of this issue professionally, within my own circle of friends and family, I thank you for taking the time to come here and speak. Unfortunately, a lot of what is said on these boards is petty gossip or just plain destructive. Once in a while though, thankfully, you get great feedback that can mean the world to a family, a person suffering from this disease, a physician, a counselor and/or the people who worked so very hard to research this med and get it to those who need it the most. Last but not least, I thank the clinical liaisons or reps, it makes no difference to me what they are called. I'm just grateful that they did not let predjudice and the fear from a whole lot of scared misinformed people, deter them from taking on this job.
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    I have no experience with subutex but when I had surgery on my spine, I was prescribed OxyContin 80s and I thanked god for those 80s for saving my sanity because nothing else made a dent in the mind numbing pain I was in. I was fully aware of the addictive qualities of OC as I regret to admit that I have abused them in the past. After using them and abusing them I tried quitting on my own, and I am a very strong person so I persevered and made it through the 3-4 days of absolute hell. The next time I quit I used suboxone to assist me. This is when I realized that suboxone is truly the miracle medicine. I did not have any hot/cold flashes, none of the body aches that would've dropped an elephant, and minimal depressive episodes. Anybody who hates suboxone is either uninformed, inexperienced, or have a political alterior motive to try to keep the most wonderful medication in the world out of the hands of people who can greatly benefit from them. The only thing in the world that works better than suboxone is Ibogaine which is illegal in America because the government wants to hook people on methadone to perpetuate their addiction and profit off their constant extended misery. If you hate suboxone, you are evil because you hate the idea of people bettering themselves and not going through hell to do it.
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    Thank you. We are all on a path to get out of our hell holel and some of us get derailed. Its encouraging to hear about those who make it.
  12. Anonymous

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    Dr. Drew is an exploiter of addicts and does so in exchange for ratings and should have his license to practice yanked, IMO

    He knows next to nothing about opiate addiction.

    The average junky at a Methadone clinic knows more about opiate addiction than him.

    I'm 50 years old and have been on opiates for half my life.

    Self-medicating due to a chemical imbalance.
    Never used IV drugs.

    I was also on Methadone for 10 years, but even at low doses, the Methadone made me unmotivated, lazy, etc...

    I finally got on Subutex once it went generic as I could not afford the high cost of the RB name brand Subs.

    Subutex has been like a miracle drug - not only has it addressed the depression issues I had, but it also has completely taken away any cravings/thoughts/desires to use/abuse opiates.

    I'll likely be on Subutex for the remainder of my life, but I don't mind as this is the best I have ever felt mentally.

    The Subutex does not get me high or buzzed like other opiates did, but it seems to hit certain receptors just right so that it has an anti-depressant effect and works in a way that none of the numerous anti-depressants I have been on ever have.

    It's somewhat of a very subtle mood-brightening effect and it also takes away any desire to use opiates, and I'm not on any other drug except for 10mg Zolpidem for sleep, as I've had chronic insomnia my entire life.

    The Subutex also helps with some of my pain issues (L4/L5 - 6 mm protrusion, plantar fasciitis, and other issues) but not as well as high doses (50mg.+) of Methadone.

    But the overall cost of Subutex (Dr. visits + cost of generics) is less than MMT, and I don't have to deal with the MMT clinic rules/drama/politics, etc...or the side effects of Methadone.

    BTW, I take 8mg. per day and I pay $3.25 per 8 mg. tablet.

    If RB were to make this drug more affordable, more people would get on it.

    I wanted to get on Buprenorphine for the past several years, but couldn't afford the high costs of the name brand drug.

    This medication is truly a life-saver and now that the patent has expired, I hope to see other generics out there in the hopes that the price comes down and the drug becomes more affordable.

    I know Teva is coming out with a version, but most of their meds are sub-par.

    Ambien was once over $3.00 per 10mg. pill, but now the generics are now about .15 cents each at Costco.

    Hopefully, Subutex will come down to about a buck a pill in the near future.

    RB could make an inexpensive generic and get half the people on MMT to switch over to Subutex if they played it right, not to mention all those people who ended up addicted to OxyContin and other opiates.
  13. aTOMic Tom

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    Get generic Buprenorphine (Roxane) it's dirt cheap and effective. Of course your MD has to trust you re: abuse potential.

    Saved my ass, too.

    Good luck
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    Mine too! Since when does the presence of anyone on t.v., be it doctor, idiot off the street , president-even thats up for debate, legitimize any of their behavior? let alone seal it with some sort of stamp of superiority.

    If I've learned one thing, if its on t.v., you better question the hell out of it, because its always just someones opinion, filtered through a journalist's opinion or a camera angle/audio selectivity and/or a producers, to do what? Make a whole hell of a lot of money. When, did these people earn status as being somehow superior in authority to any other money hungry fool?
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    Hey asshole suboxone saved my fucking life. What the hell can you say about that should i have not taken it??????