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Draper, Utah

Discussion in 'Johnson & Johnson' started by anonymous, Mar 6, 2019 at 9:48 AM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    I first, and foremost, want to commend you All for your Bravery for posting on here, Café Pharma. Please know that your Cries for Help through posts on here are Validated and are words of spoken Truth.

    She truly is a Sick, sadistic person who is honestly sad inside, deriving pleasure only from others pain and humiliation.


    You All may have been wondering IF AND WHEN I would post on here based on your numerous outreach emails.

    Thank you kindly, as I have received so many caring emails over the months encouraging me to share my story with other abuse victims of Stephanie Mabrouk.

    Please know that You are NOT “Weasels”, or “Stupid”, or “Idiots” nor “do not belong at JNJ for calling out bad behavior” . These are the EXACT examples of verbal and emotional ABUSE that she displays: name calling and threatening through intimidation by means of: demeaning you; invalidating you; and creating isolation; and fear. Clinically, her list of abuse tactics goes on and on, as she often feels confused and incapable, grasping at any means to attain power over her victims/ employees by abusing them.

    In full transparency, I am STILL on Disability leave for PTSD /Trauma abuse that I endured from Stephanie Mabrouk as I was her Direct Report for years prior to her becoming Site Manager of the Draper Acquisition Plant Mgmt. role.

    Through the years of intensive therapy that I had to go through due to her, I want you all to know that you are NOT the issue, and you are NOT alone. Please do NOT succumb to her gaslighting and sadistically twisted verbal /emotional abuse that you have been conditioned to feel by her and HR within their corporate constraints. HR is always in bed with the company, so all attempts are futile. But she is weak and not untouchable. Refer to end of email for confidential outreach.

    You are Worth Value and should not be abused in any means or manner by her or anyone. She will gaslight you until you feel like you are nothing but a shell of a person. Do NOT let her WIN. It is not you; it is HER. She is a very, very sick person.

    This “woman” tormented me day in and day out for years I was her personal punching bag and martyr to practice all of the sadistic corporate divisive behaviors on in preparation for your “site leadership” role. I am so sorry that my cries and outreach to HR still enabled her to practice and fine-tuned her abusive management skills on me in order to make you all suffer now. I Really tried to stop it, and I was faced with the most abusive and outrageous behavior possible in retaliation.

    The most sadistic part of this is that I am a disabled employee and she saw my weakness as an easy opportunity to step on the back of me to get a head. To take advantage of me and use and abuse me to show how “ Strong of a Woman Leader” she is. To Note, I came into the organization under the mentorship of a previous VP of Ethicon and did my masters, executive MBA, and started my PhD…, and once he left she swopped in to undermine me as she saw me as a threat. Jealous.

    Her abuse and toxicity is real. If you logistically think about it from a business standpoint… the hostile environment that she creates causes less productivity and in worse cases, like my own, paying employees on disability leave from her abuse. In essence, her behavior and leadership style is costing the company an enormous amount of money… it is so shameful that her behavior has been allowed to get this bad. So Shameful.

    As an immediate remediation plan:

    - She needs to be removed from her position and J&J entirely

    - She needs to face her abuse allegations and CREDO complaints

    - She needs to go away to an INTENSIVE Inpatient Therapeutic Program to retrain her brain to not be abusive towards others , and to not create hostile environments through her own insecurities.

    I will ALL keep you in my prayers tonight. As a Christian, please have forgiveness in your heart for Stephanie Mabrouk and her sickness, although she is a self proclaimed converter Christian to Muslim, true GOD has no limits to forgiveness. Please know that I tried my best to Stop her, through all my HR attempts and protocols. I am so sorry that all of my efforts with J&J HR were futile, and I was a martyr of her abuse for nothing, but we can do something if you email the address link below.

    If you are a survivor of Stephanie Mabrouk’s abuse and/or have been a witness to her abuse, you can confidentially contact the below support system:


    ***Please include at the top of the email if you do not wish for your communication to be shared with legal counsel at this time***

    NOTE: Abuse is a personal trauma in one’s life and personal recovery. As your recovery is personal to each of you, I fully understand your wish to remain unknown by indicating asterisks *** at the top of your email.

    I commend your bravery for your posts on here, and my legal counsel looks forward to your outreach.

    If this is a true crisis directly resulting from or exacerbated by Stephanie Mabrouk’s abusive behaviors, please refer to the below support system:

    No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7. 1-800-799-4TTY (4889), for hearing impaired (24/7).

    For women currently directly impacted in Utah by Stephanie Mabrouk’s mental, emotional, and physical (direct/indirect) abuse please refer to the below local support system:


  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    When 203 is amended this site will fold. Going to sue the shit out of many people. Wait and see!
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Those Abused by Stephanie Mabrouk, please navigate to page 2 of this site for support, which is currently circulating throughout the Draper site and amongst the Johnson & Johnson leadership team.

    Not surprisingly, within the first few hours of posting support through I.Survived.Stephanie.Mabrouk@gmail.com, we have already received 23 concerning correspondences regarding Stephanie Mabrouk's Abusive Behavior.

    Be a voice of change ! End the sadistic Abuse of Stephanie Mabrouk.

    With our support, we can help her get clinical care, and spare others of her future abuse.

    Email our 'Stephanie Mabrouk Abuse Support Group" and Leal Counsel at:


  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Leader to Leader,

    Steph, you know that you can not say that in comments. As hard as the above is to absorb, we have all known about this situation and many others of yours.

    Threatening someone for advocating their damaging experience with you, while being substantiated by many others, will not look favorable in your position.

    In short terms, quit the threats. You have already dug your own grave.

    We all wonder, too, how you got this far.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    You all make me laugh so hard, for still thinking I'm Stephanie. I'm actually someone who is significantly more senior than Stephanie in another part of the organization. I'm concerned for your mental well-being. Yes you are indeed sick for posting all this. If you were indeed right, you could have gone to HR, even anonymously reported her. It is weak to go onto this forum and expect things to change. You can look up her boss. If it's genuinely as bad as you claim it is, report her. As simple as that. But sadly you don't have the balls because you know your claims are baseless.
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    I am an hourly associate at a MD site she worked at for several years. First thing she did when she came to our department was fire several long-term people for no reason. Management then told her to back off. She kissed up to a VP to get promoted out of our site to a position she had zero qualifications for but we were just happy and we celebrated the fact that she was gone. What a witch.
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    This company has a long history of attracting, promoting and maintaining a lot of horrible people. Glad to be out of there after many years.
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Graduated from Smith. Explains it all.
  10. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    She did the management program at Smith. Brainwashing.
  11. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Management program at Smith? Smith "ladies" are taught to be some wealthy diplomat or doctors wife not career women. Don't know what she is doing here.
  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    There is wrong all the way around here. (Since a lot of Christian stuff has been shared by the "target", I will comment on that as well.)

    And this is not the proper forum for any "self professed", "saved", "baptized, confirmed" Christian to behave imho. You can't cover your CP tracks with the Christian stuff. Some guy on a cross forgave everyone responsible as he was hanging, dying there. Your far from emulating such. And, importantly, he didn't exact revenge after His resurrection on any road to Emmaus.

    Yes, you can't trust HR/Compliance, etc. these days. OK, do it anonymously or go to a lawyer, etc. Bet you did but that didn't satisfy your own desire for vengeance. See, it's really tough to love enemies, to pray for their well being and not want or act on revenge ideas. St. Augustine said (paraphrased), "Forgiveness is not needing to fulfill the natural desire for revenge." I see a sick offender and the sick offended both behaving very badly.

    And I do not doubt this work experience has cause mental pain and facilitated developing a mental disorder. But many of us go through all types of abuse, serious abuse but do not seek revenge. I have and am. Theere you go. But I will not be consumed by their hate or mine. I will not be diminished and excommunicated per se. They (we) get help or solve it to be as healthy as they can. Life is painful in many ways. But I try to choose to believe this is all a gift. Joy is present if you choose it.

    No charge- jk. Good luck on living free and happy.