Electrostim Medical Services, Inc.

Discussion in 'Chronic Pain' started by Anonymous, Oct 15, 2009 at 2:59 PM.

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    Does anyone know about this company. I have heard that they over bill and auto send patients products that were not requested and that insurance won't cover it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Would also like to know if anyone has information about EMSI....Are these claims true?
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    My wife got an electric stim machine? This one's called GSM Plus from Golden State Medical and we continue to have a pleasant experience. We were explained what to expect for the billing and was followed up with monthly. The representative came to my home and explained how to use it and has made himself available to answer any questions we may have. Never heard of the companies you are talking about but you may want to call Golden State Medical, Inc.
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    Yes they charge like $4000 to your auto claim like they did mine. I asked the Florida rep the cost and he lied to me. Said it was about $200.

    My neighbor went to physical therapy and got a EMSI unit through their insurance. They told her is was covered by her insurance not to worry about it. A month later she got a bill from EMSI saying she owed $500 or they would send her to collections!!!

    Stay away from this company bad news. These machines cost about $25 on the internet.

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    They are bad news everywhere! Their units are inferior and they charge more than any of the other more legitimate companies. Stay away from units and working their!
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    Couple things. First, no estim device costs $4000. Maybe unit, supplies, garment might get near that amount.
    As for your neighbor. If it is not covered, return it. And EMSI does not do collections. EMPI does. Maybe your retarded neighbor got the companies mixed up.
    A TENS 7000 costs around $55 on the internet with no supplies, just the device. You cant find a Flex Tens device on the internet. Sorry
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    Well, per the BBB they have an "F" rating:
    "BBB has received a pattern of complaints alleging business continues to bill the customer. The business continues to ship supplies after they have been told to stop.Customers also allege not receiving any products however they continue to be billed.
    The business does not return phone calls.

    BBB contacted the business requesting information as to why the business believes the customers are filing the complaints, and what actions the business has taken to help eliminate the basic cause of the complaints. As of this date the business has not replied to this request."