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Endo Health Solutions Inc. 2012 Investor Day Meeting

Discussion in 'Healthtronics' started by Anonymous, Oct 14, 2012 at 1:27 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    ENDO - Revenue Mix

    Endo Pharma 56%
    Qualist 20%
    Healthtronics 7%
    American Medical Systems 17%

    Pain – Leader in Pain Management
    ~$1.8B in sales across business in pain management in 2012
    9 out of 10 pain medications currently filled by generic products
    7 out of 10 pain medications can be filled by our portfolio
    U.S. Chronic Pain Market was valued to be $14B in 2010
    Pipeline of products to solidify leadership position

    Urology – Market Leader in Devices with Leading Distribution Channel
    Aging demographics support growth
    US urological market to reach $6.3 billion by 2017; 4% CAGR
    Minimally invasive procedures expand markets
    Unique market position and channel enhance product uptake
    International opportunities for growth

    Slide 16 is interesting regarding AMS and HTRN.

    "Organic growth"........double digits.

    1/3 of US Urologists in EMR relationship with Healthtronics by the end of 2013.

    Keep 30% Lidoderm sales even with a generic out there.

    Accerlerate mid-single digit AMS sales growth throughout 2015

    Qualitest sustained double digit growth with a 15% annual capacity expansion throughour 2015

    Return to strong Rx growth with Opana ER and Voltaren Gel in 2013

    Qualitest Key Takeaways
    o Double-digit net sales growth expected through 2015
    o Sustained gross margins expected through 2015
    o Capacity expansion and pricing flexibility drive topline growth
    o 15% annual increases in capacity planned through 2015
    o Pricing flexibility driven by portfolio optimization
    o Leader and expert in controlled substances and liquids supports future growth
    o Sizable ANDA portfolio in higher value lines of business

    WH 31%
    MH 47%
    BPH 22%

    ED $584M US opportunity / $1.7B globally
    MC $200M global opportunity / 60% penetration

    FC 31% Market Share
    •$1.2B US
    •$2.1B Globally

    •21% US
    •17% Globally

    PFR 40% Market Share
    •$465M US
    •$1.0B Globally

    •28% US
    •24% Globally

    BPH Opportunity is $221M in the U.S. - $887M Globally
    19.3% penetration of BPH procedures in US – 7.1% globally

    AMS Key Takeaways
    Strong organic growth opportunities remain within AMS core business lines – mid-to-high single digit CAGR 2012-2015
    AMS is uniquely positioned in urologyoLeverage Endo partnership to enhance leadership in urology
    Expect to return operating margin to historical levels (high 20 percent to low 30 percent by 2014)
    Opportunities in adjacent spaces with existing customers

    HealthTronics Key Takeaways

    HealthTronics has deep, durable relationships with the US-based Urology community
    HealthTronics has a stable, core business that is profitable and cash flow positive
    HealthTronics has several platforms for growth including Cryotherapy, Electronic Medical Records and Data-Enabled Services & Analytics
    oHealthTronics, through its channel presence in Urology, has strategic value for the Endo enterprise

    Lithotripsy: Shock wave destruction of kidney stones
    BPH Laser & Cryoablation: Prostate health therapies
    Urochart and Meridian: Electronic medical record systems specifically geared for urologists
    Anatomic pathology


    HealthTronics is leading mobile provider of Cryotherapy equipment with 65% market share
    HealthTronics’ trusted relationships with urologists has enabled trial of GreenLight XPS®

    We expect peak sales in excess of $800 million for Opana® ER

    Maximize contribution after Loss of Exclusivity Action
    Shift from a sales force promotion to a service model
    Integrate non-personal promotion
    Implement novel commercial strategies following loss of exclusivity


    Voltaten Gel
    From 2009 to 2012:
    44% reduction in Advertising & Promotion Expense
    7% reduction in Physician Detail Equivalents

    Optimize business performance of Urology Portfolio Action
    VALSTAR®: Clinical differentiation drove net sales CAGR of over 100% since 2009
    SUPPRELIN® LA: Market leading position resulting from net sales CAGR of 29.5% since 2009
    FORTESTA® Gel: High growth Testosterone Replacement Therapy category entrant


    BEMA® Buprenorphine: Q4 2015 Launch Expected
    Management of moderate to severe chronic pain
    Lower abuse potential
    Peak year sales over $400M
    Strong Intellectual Property estate provides exclusivity until 2027

    •Regulatory meetings in October 2012
    •Submission Q3 2014
    •Launch 2H 2015

    TOPAS® Female Fecal Incontinence Mesh System
    Clinical study completion 1H 2013
    •Submission 2H 2013
    •Launch 2H 2014

    Merit A New Approach To Treat Female Mild-To-Moderate Stress Urinary Incontinence
    $70MM Estimated Base Case Peak Year Sales

    2012 Guidance - Revenues $3.05B to $3.175B

    Slide 91 - AMS and Healthtronics are together.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    65% marketshare?............Riggghhhht