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First Otonomy Thread

Discussion in 'Otonomy' started by anonymous, Feb 26, 2016 at 4:19 PM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest


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    I am speaking out against Otonomy because it is repackaging cheap drugs into "new" uses that just increase cost for patients and health systems. the only reason any hospital has used this drug is that Otonomy had a C code and now a J code. The allows the hospitals to mark up the drug 6% and make a profit on Otiprio. Thre hospitals have to eat the cost of thr other antibiotic ear drops they use ( ciprodex cost $180). Soon the system will catch on and Otiprio will be a failed drug b/c the market is too small and the drug cost too high

  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    We ENTS have been treating Me niece's disease for years with steroids/diuretics and a variety of other medications that have not fallen out of favor due to lack of efficacy. If you ask 50 ENTs how they treat Menieres's, you'll get 50 different answers...because NOTHING cures Menieres. I find it funny people could be invested in a biotechnology company and ask "why" a drug won't work. If you want to know why behind biotec, go to med school or spend a few days on pubmed catching up on how successful steroids and NMDA antagonist have been so far with conditions like Menieres and tinnitus. Oto311 is never going to work. People have been trying Memantine for years for tinnitus with no response.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Ouch. Probably the beginning of the end for this company. Sorry to hear.