Generic Mucinex and Mucinex DM

Discussion in 'Adams Respiratory Therapeutics' started by Anonymous, Jul 29, 2009 at 3:01 PM.

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    There is a pharmacy in my area advertising Generic Mucinex 400mg $3.99 for 50 caplets and Generic Mucinex DM (400mg/20mg) $4.99 for 50 caplets. Is this possible? I thought Mucinex had a patent on sustained release Guaifensine.
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    It's not the same thing. Mucinex and Mucinex DM both have 600 mg (take 2 for appropriate dose) that are extended release. Generics have 400 mg of immediate release. You have a greater chance of GI upset with immediate release, and have to take it every four to six hours. This is one case where the brand is worth the extra money.
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    Can a pharmacy get away with advertising it as a generic in a magazine ad?
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    You can always report the pharmacy to the FDA for unethical advertising as they are in violation by making the comparison to Mucinex. However I doubt anything would come of it.
  5. Dr. Ubama

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    Ummm! Mucinex is a crap drug and is overpriced and does absolutley nothing for the disease state for which it claims it helps. NO STUDIES have ever been done to show that Mucinex actually does anything, except disolves at two different times of the day. You guys had a nice run at exclusivity! Now Obama is in charge and generics will be the way of the future in healthcare.
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    Nice sales pitch but guaifenesin is guaifenesin. Save the side effects speech for when you sell Lipitor or Cymbalta, not some OTC crap.
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    We did do a study for Mucinex D that proves it works. You must work for one of the companies that had your unapporved drug yanked. LOL grow up!
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    the mucinex study was mucinex D vs placebo. The D is sudafed . sudafed is effective and is probably responsible for the positive results in the study. (common way drug companies skew studies). guifeneson has been around for 40 years and never was proven to be effective. Mucinex is a moneymaker ( cute commercials) - only 2 countries in the world allow drugs to be advertised on TV. It should not be allowed
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    My comment is really about Mucinex and NOT Mucinex DM.

    I have taken this drug sinced 1975 when it was prescription only with tremendous results!

    I am now 58 and have suffered from Asthma since I was about 4 years old. Asthma problems are mostly triggered by sinus and allergy problems. But I do not treat the problem during allergy season with a combination of GENERIC Chlortrimeton, 4 mg, as needed but at least once per day, combined with an inhalator (only when my lungs are congested or burning, normally not more than a dozen doses in a month) followed by Mucinex (now Generic), 2 tablets, maximum strength, twice per day when congested for at least two days, then I can stay healthy and away from the Doctor.

    Otherwise, I fall into a constant cycle of sinus infections, Dr. visits, and ever stronger anti-biotics, that once actually led to pneumonia.

    While Mucinex has contributed to my ability to get well, and now to stay healthy, there are two things have improved my ability to almost entirely avoid sinus infections. One is a sinus surgical procedure called "Turbanase Surgery," and there other is treatment of a terrible reflux problem I used to have. The miricle "drug" for me was "prescribed" by a licensed alternate treatment physician, called Zypan. Instead of REDUCING the stomach acid, it INCREASES it, under the theory that some people, especially those over 40, tend to not produce enough stomach acid to properly digest their food.

    After just two weeks, my reflux pain was noticeably improved, and the pain I felt when I put pressure on the area right below my breat bone was all but gone! I have not taken a prescription product for the treatment of reflux in over three years and no longer suffer from reflux, nor from the side effects of the drugs I used to take to get some temporary relief.

    I'm hoping this may help someone else!

    My vote is a big YES for Mucinex as well!! But NOT the DM version -- that drug can actually cause hypertension, along with Ibuprophen and others. Look it up! The information is out there!

    As for the person with the AX to grind about our healthcare system, they are way off!! Very poorly informed on the facts here. YES, we need some changes, but in my opinion, most of those changes have to do with getting Government OUT of the healthcare business, and limiting liabilities in many areas of healthcare services so the cost of malpractice insurance can come down. At the SAME TIME, PROSECUTE the repeat offenders, the 12% to 15% of physicians who CREATE most of the problems, and REMOVE their licenses!! This one step alone would reduce costs significantly and keep the good doctors in practice, staving off the problem we are facing of a shortage of physicians!

    Just wait until we have ONLY "generic" medications! Hillarycare created such a stir at the time and Pharmaceutical Companies cut their R&D budgets by half or more. The day you remove ALL of the profit incentive is the day we have very few new medications!! We are almost there now!!

    So reform and fix the system? You bet!! But socialize it? Put Government in charge? No way! What does the Government run that does not eventually run amoke?? The Post Office is just one huge example!!

    Just one man's voice out here!

    Take care and go forth ye in good health!!
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    Many of these people are nothing more than little "snots".
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    Me thinks ye has an addition problem to this drug. Wait till ye comes down!
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    There was a study done at The University of Cincinnati. If I remember it was HIV patients with ring sinusitis.
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    Wasn't there a study done at UVA by Dr. Paul Snotski, It showed that when the mucus begins to talk to the patient, it is time to lie down and rest. This should be done before mucus actually moves in!
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    "Addition" problem. Tooooo funny.

    I know it an old post, but just had a look at it and HAD to comment.