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Discussion in 'Precision Therapeutics' started by ME21, Apr 14, 2016 at 11:39 PM.

  1. ME21

    ME21 Guest

    Well NC you and your group of scum bags did a great job fing this company up more and more. I just got laid off so you could have all you family/friends continue to do nothing!!! I think I just heard a bird fly by and it tweeted MEDICARE FRAUD!!!! I find it amazing that we hold our stuff for 14 days before we send it out for billing under your and MF direction. I have nothing to do but smear your name a reputation around every place I go. So NC keep lying to yourself you are a SHTBAG!!!!!! O good luck with moving forward with all your old Abbott buddies!!! YOU WILL FAIL because you only care about you not the cancer patients you say you do this for ROT IN HELL!!!!
  2. Breaking news - helomics under investigation for Medicare fraud ??