Hidden Truth of Rajesh Shrotriya's Termination

Discussion in 'Spectrum Pharmaceuticals' started by anonymous, Jan 12, 2018 at 12:41 AM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Amazing but true, here are the reason how ex-CEO Raj made a fool of everybody thinking he is fired:-

    1. Existing BOD (Board of Directors) are in SPPI for ages. None is 2 years less in tenure or less which raises eyebows.

    2. News is that Raj still owns BOD and he orchestrated this drama of getting terminated but why? Below points will tell why?

    3. Raj after ODAC failure was worried of lot of criticism and possible SEC and FDA audits decided in January 2017 that how he can save himself. He made a plan with few selective and told JT that how he can make JT CEO and JT's happiness was on 9th cloud.

    4. Raj made a huge collateral for his firing/termination as he would have never collected this amount if he would have resigned so, he orchestrated this termination to justify why he had recived total $65 million (so called undisclosed amount) + 2 years full pay plus unlimited company bennefits. On Dec 16 this plan got executed through makeshift BOD Chairman Stuart Krassner who is nothing more then Raj's and JT's puppet. "Think hard" which pharma company will make an academic guy chairman ....they think we all are fools that we will digest this drama.

    5. Today's reality - Raj still controls BOD and don't be surprised if one day BOD reassign Rajesh Shrotriya as the CEO of spectrum coz in reality entire spectrum BOD's are Raj's touts and they have been there for ages.

    Please VOTE to kickout all these existing BODs who are boot lickers to Raj and new CEO JT. We want fresh BODs
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    Agree! SK as chairman was a clear sign. Spineless Raj is hiding while it all hits the fan. JT will be the face of company until all blows over. Raj will be back. Sorry folks
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    Dr. Raj is still on the BOD nuff said. Never fired
  4. anonymous

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    Courtesy:- Raj's very close SPPI Indian VP.

    This was always on cards ever since Raj was himself throwing on the field to raise SPPI stock price. Remember..Rajesh Shrotriya's $4 million play with John Heymach where John Heymach said it's a great drug for Exon20 mutation (all was a bummer but industry bought it) stock went to $19 overnight.

    This is a master stroke from a corrupt CEO who fooled SEC and FDA and Market yet again all at once by stealing $65 million as termination package + $83 million by selling his SPPI stock. Remember, if Raj would have resigned he would have not gotten so much so he designed his own termination. & Only after his separation from SPPI he could have sold all his stocks at a staggering $83 million which he recently did. Wow!

    So rest of the Market and Stock Holder FOOLS should know that he literally stole $83 + $65 million from a publicly traded company. And it doesn't stop here bcoz all his stooges (I mean his Board of Directors) are still there who will make it sure that he gets re-elected again as a Chairman and CEO.

    So in short a drama in which only SEC, FDA, public and stock holders gets fooled.

    Oh! JT might have to step away when Raj returns as a CEO again.
    Good luck JT!