How many physician actual "sales calls" per week.

Discussion in 'Sanofi' started by anonymous, Aug 11, 2017 at 7:12 AM.

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  1. anonymous

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    I'm six months in and it's either I'm new or I'm doing something wrong but I actually, in all honesty only talk product to prescribers 4-6 time PER WEEK!

    I went to a great school here in Chicago and even know a lot of players but still my best week yet was only 6! Most of the time I just drive around and sit by the lake frount playing with my iPad.

    I'm told to "manufacturer" calls daily by my handler to meet metrics's "no matter what" or I will be terminated.

    Will it get any better or is this the norm?

    I feel like I'm lying every day when I sync with mission control.

    Thank you!
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    4-6 a week is about right. Shitty job but great training that will secure you a real medical sales job. Don't stay more than a year, the ones that do are either too lazy or too dumb to move on.
  3. anonymous

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    Here at GSK they make us fake calls by asking us to "see more docs" aka pad the numbers. Don't feel bad, others struggle too.
  4. anonymous

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    Put a big sign over your desk, "Embrace the Lie." or resign.
    You lie to your boss, "I'm glad to see you."
    Your boss lies to you,"I'm only here to help you."
    The MD lies to you both,"I use it all the time."
  5. anonymous

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    Thank you All!

    Also what do you think about documenting all communication with my handlers. My boyfriend is a lawyer and he is helping me.

    God bless you!

  6. anonymous

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    I reciently left Chicago. An audit should go in place there as we were told to lie. The truth is that it's all faked at least 75 to 100 % on a weekly basis. Who wants to live like that? It will come back to you as it haunted me every night! I see no future in this big lie. I got my experience but decided to loose money in the short term and invest in my future! Your not bad people just very lazy and led by a leader that is a PATHOLOGICAL LIER!
  7. anonymous

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    9 * 5 = 45. Plus pharmacy calls of 15. Equals 61. In any sales job you always get to meet with the decision maker.