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I hope Takeda treats their reps better than their speakers

Discussion in 'Takeda' started by Former Takeda speaker, Mar 30, 2011 at 11:06 AM.

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  1. After several years of being a speaker for Actos, I got the axe. This does not come as a shock given the life cycle of the product (though I would think with your current products, upcomming products and pipeline; you would want spend significant dollars promoting Actos up until it goes generic). What is upsetting is not that I was "fired", but the manner in which it was done. Here's the email I received today:

    Dear Speaker, MD:

    Thank you for your commitment to Takeda and for your participation in the Diabetes Speaker Bureau.

    As we continue to evolve in this changing landscape, we have re-evaluated the strategic needs of the Diabetes Speaker Bureau. Unfortunately, due to this re-evaluation, we are unable to renew your contract for fiscal year 2011.

    We truly value our partnership and hope that there are additional opportunities to collaborate with you in the future. Thank you, again, for your support and commitment to Takeda and your participation in the Diabetes Speaker Bureau. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Christopher Caggiano at (224) 554-1775.


    The ACTOS Professional Marketing Team

    That's it?!?!?!
    After years of programs in offices and restaurants, trying my best to promote the value of TZD's in the use of type 2 diabetes to many physicians simply too scared to use them under restrictions that border on censorhip; that's all I get? A dear Dr. John letter?
    I think I deserve a little bit more than that. How about something that sounds almost like Takeda is sorry to see me go?

    Now, I understand I am speaking to a group of people that fear being fired on a daily basis. However, I am not employee of the company, but rather a customer. A very loyal one at that. After receiving an email like this, how excited to you think I am going to be about writing prescriptions for Uloric, Dexilant, and that new ARB you have coming out?

    I really hope that Takeda treats their employees/reps better than they treat their speakers. Somehow I doubt it.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Really? Yuo want them to write you a poem?

    You say you want to see they are sorry to see you go? Why? So it somehow satisfies some egotistical urge? Just move on.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey if you are a former speaker. Please disregard the above post. The truth is that there is a HUGE disconnect between our home office and the field. Your Actos rep should have been showing you the writing on the wall over the past year and let you know we are phasing out most promotional activity for Actos being in its last year. Bottom line is that you should get treated better, especially since we will be knocking on your door in a year or two as if we are best friends and hoping you come back. Thanks for the support and please make sure you do more than post here. Leave a message for someone in Chicago and let them know the right and wrong ways of ending professional relationships after an 11 year ride.
  4. Anonymous

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    Its a business relaltionship. All niceties in business mean nothing. You try and be nice just becasue its better than the alternative of being nasty when you work together. When you dont intend to work together, tata byebye.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Sorry that your gravy train of supplemental cash came to an end. A phone call would have been much more tactful, that is not the Takeda big corporation way of doing business.

    Be grateful you were chosen for the time you spoke for a paycheck and move on. Or find another company that will pick you up to speak.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No speaker came on here and made this post. What a joke. It's a rep who probably did it. What a waste of time.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey Dr. FatCat,

    We are so sorry that your fucking weekly Mercedes/BMW/Caribbean Vacation checks and "meal to go" installation program has come to an abrupt halt ---> FUCK YOU

    And we all know that the TZD class of drugs is dangerous and potentially deadly, why in the hell do you think we needed your fat ass in the first place?

    Now go earn your money, like everyone else has to ---> by working


    The Actos Marketing Team
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Whoever posted that last comment should be fired!!!! You are a VERY RUDE person and VERY DISGUSTING!! I'm sure your mother would be proud to say you are her son talking like that!! You should be ASHAMED!!!

    To the doctor who posted that letter........I'm not surprised ONE BIT that Takeda conducted business in such a distasteful manner. You definitely deserve more than a good bye letter. Takeda could care less about you and their employees..... VERY disappointing company to say the least........
  9. Anonymous

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    To the former speaker: I am a rep who truly values my relationship with my speakers and appreciate what they do to promote our products. I am so sorry and mortified at a few of the above posts. Please know these reps would never be calling on you because they are imature little punks who don't appreciate their job and folks like you who work hard.
    I had a similar situation with one of our speakers and she was very disheartened and felt very under appreciated.
    I am sorry you weren't treated with more respect. Please know you were/are valued.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Dr. Speaker,

    If this is a legit email, it's a shame you came to Cafe Pharma seeking to vent your frustration or seeking advice. As you can see from this board (and pretty much all other company boards) this site is rife w/ unprofessional posts from reps with "entitlement" mentalities. I apologize from those of us that take our jobs seriously and as you can see there are some of us here. I encourage you to contact the phone number you've been given and let know that you were unsatisfied with the brevity of the letter you received. The Actos marketing team should have sent communications long before now for our speakers to anticipate a dramatic decrease in available programs. It's true that Takeda will probably be knocking on your door at a later date requiring your services and I hope you won't hold it against your local reps that this change wasn't handled more smoothly. To other reps reading this, if you are one of the habitual whiners on this site, give the doc a break (and assume this is legit). This person clearly valued the relationship with Takeda and enjoyed speaking on our behalf. You all know that speakers can make significant impact with other physicians and play an important part of our business. Maybe you all should spend less time spewing your vitriol and more time selling your products...also I don't care how you think Takeda "sucks" now. ALL of pharma is in the same shape, get over it already! You are employed with a company more stable than others. How many laid off reps would kill to have your job? Perhaps some on this board should contemplate their blessings!
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    AMEN to the above post!! How about being a doctor - and quit looking for handouts to speak. Over the years I have noticed that 90% of all MD's that speak have a very greedy mentality and are looking to game the system. So fuck you and your greedy little hurt feelings. And fuck Takeda and the pharma industry for slutting you guys like whores.
  12. Anonymous

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I can say......
  13. Anonymous

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    I can't believe what I'm seeing in this thread, ridiculous. You people are ruining this site! If you are still upset about losing your job and believe trashing people venting about there experience with Takeda on here, you are a complete loser. Try a different board, I'm sure Walmart has one somewhere!!!!!!!
  14. Anonymous

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    Sorry, I was so mad I didn't even consider grammar or spell check, but I'm sure one of you assholes will point it out and correct it for me!
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