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In house tampering of resume?

Discussion in 'Innovex' started by anonymous, Sep 26, 2016 at 11:40 AM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    After I walked away from a bad contract, I went back to check my resume some time later. What I found is someone had altered my resume, negatively to make me look bad to prospective employers. What kind of person does this? There is no ? It was in house, either done by a manager or somw nutcase in the giant pharma co. I was contracted with. Either way, I left on honest terms, being up front why I left. I was right about their poor planning and lack of being in touch with realities surrounding med. The product launch failed 3 months later. After that, I found nasty things on my resume and so I'm warning you that there are psychos in this industry, so check your resume or better yet remove it, if you leave here.