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    So, I don't work for Wright or any other medical company for that matter. Still looking at getting into the med sales arena. Actually I do have an initial interview lined up with TLC for a Wright position, all this talk has got me skeptical. In the event that this new president fixes it up and sells the company, what then? The purchases has more layoffs? How does the purchase affect the current employees?
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    - Are you working direct or through a distributor?
    - Who bought the company?
    - What sales model do they use (direct or distributor)?
    - If distributor base,
    - Which distributor is stronger?
    - What does the distributors contract have in place in the event a change of
    ownership happens in their contract (this is the buy out clause)?

    Bottom line is there are to many facotrs beyond a sales rep control to worry about. If a rep is good then odds are whatever happens a place would be found to retain him/her.

    Keep in mind that Wright is a niche player...they can't compete with the Big 5 on large joint offerings, they have no real upper extremity products, and at one time they had great foot and ankle products but didn't advance those products and now competitors are ahead of them in their offerings (although Wright is trying to make a comeback).