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KITE Pharma Offering CEO made 82M

Discussion in 'Pharma/Biotech Companies - In the News' started by anonymous, Dec 11, 2015 at 10:56 AM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Here we go again. A company chasing Novartis with similar design. Claiming to cure cancer. It is great how a guy like ARIE Belldegrun goes from the NCI to starting his own company and filter money through the investment company he boards at Two Groups. Then pays himself 82M in the first year. The very next year KITE need money and offer more shares. They will get 250M, how much of that will he get ? ANother 82M
    You should not be allowed to sit on a board at an investment company that invests in YOUR biotech. Then shares get filtered through 401K and it is all legal. Just lots of legal paperwork... A 401K should not be allowed to invest in a corp that has ZERO revenue. The biotech, big bank, and big business that operate in this manner is a joke on JOE carpenter or his buddy working for the state of OHIO, California, etc. Their money goes into 401K that have paid people that move shares in and out.
    Even times like this with KITE. ARIE could easily sell the shares to TWO GROUPS at a discount of 10%, PLUS FEES, THEY THEN PUMP NEWS OUT raising the PPS. Then dump the shares. Thus, KITE gets 250M and TWO GROUPS will make a 15 - 30% increase on the 250M in two months.
    You ask, who would buy the shares ? 401Ks because they are paid to do it. Always someone out there to twist this into "saving lives" BS... ARIE should make 5M a year, tops. Or you will hear that 82M was mostly shares he bought and the board gave him. It is a BOARD that he chairs. He put you on the board, you will do what he says, wink, wink...
    Too bad, it is in his blood to do this... The GREED never ends... And all he does is move money... Become a doctor so you can make money through science... A joke !
    JUNO did the same exact thing...

  2. Quadhole

    Quadhole new user

    Apr 6, 2015
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    Agreed... Biotech is a wonderful thing. There is an influx from the middle East making huge money. This has been going on for Centuries. Only time it stopped was from 1935 - 1945
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    How do I become a CEO so I can make the big bucks?