L Code 8680 - SCS Trial

Discussion in 'Chronic Pain' started by Anonymous, Nov 28, 2011 at 2:04 PM.

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    Did I hear correctly that CMS's 2012 fee schedule for L Code increased by $10/contact - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!
    This is pretty difficult to understand when these physicians are buying these lead wires from manufacturers for as much as $500 and then they are getting reimbursed roughly $420/electrode on each lead wire. Some of these lead wires have 8 electrodes on them - that's almost $3400 reimbursement with a net profit of $2900 after they pay for the lead wire. Then you have cowboys putting two of these lead wires in during a trial phase and now we're talking about net profit of roughly $5700 for work that takes about 45 minutes!
    I'm in the wrong speciality!!
    STOP THE MADENSS, CMS - PLEASE!! And we want to know what's wrong with health care!!
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    Has anyone heard any accurate and offical updates on the L Code?