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Latest Quarterly Results

Discussion in 'Pinnacle Biologics' started by Anonymous, Jul 16, 2014 at 3:06 AM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The revenue-purchase orders were the lowest recorded since the new company took over. SUCKERS!!!
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Who is still employed by Pinnacle Biologics that was part of the old Guillermo regime? This particular plagiarized e-mail should be applied to all members of management as well, including the sender. PDT is a tough sell with doctors. Guillermo is brilliant since he was able to sell PDT to Condocordia Healthcare.


    Stephen R. Taaffe has written a new book on General George C Marshall. Marshall was the Army chief of staff during World War two. After the war Marshall became Secretary of State- Defense secretary, head of the Red Cross, developed the Marshall plan, and later won the Nobel Peace Prize. However, all of those post war honors were predicated on the actions he took regarding the placement of personnel during World War Two.

    General Patton – is known to all of us via the movie Patton- was a handful- yet General Patton and Marshall shared the axiom that “Wars may be fought with weapons- but they are won by people.”

    In the book Marshall was described as “pitiless in relieving generals”- especially those too slow to adapt to the wars brutal pace” His ruthlessness did spawn enemies and in 1943 at a gathering of governors Marshall was quoted as saying, “ The man has to have it or he doesn’t . And we listen to no excuses of any kind.”

    World War Two looks like an obvious win in hindsight- yet there was not one general that was totally comfortable with their supplies, manpower, or support before an engagement. At the end of the day it took courage and supreme effort to win the battles.

    The analogy is not perfect as the fate of the free world hung in balance in the 40’s- yet the issues facing the Pinnacle US sales team is similar. The reality is that you have enough resources to win your battles:
    • Medicare is fully reimbursing the brand
    • MSL is established
    • Total organization support

    The reality is the following:
    • The only method of job security as well as professional and financial progress in today’s environment is through growth.

    Pinnacle is going to continue at a brutal pace and “we will listen to no excuses of any kind” as this is the only way to ensure our survival as an organization. This type of growth will recognize contributors in a meaningful manner.

    The sales for the last eight weeks has not been reasonable or acceptable. We are at a position- if significant improvement is not seen in the very near term- that action will be taken by me to improve the situation.

    Brad Herrmann
    Vice-President, PDT Business Unit-US

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'm certain most candidates-recruiters who contacted the former PDT reps via LinkedIn which were interviewed by Brad and Peggy must be thankful they were not fooled. Recently, I received a message from one of the recruiters who shared the recent news on the management shake up. Although Pinnacle pass on me, it was better that they did.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I heard Brad got fired, is that true?