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Mobile spyware for tracking children

Discussion in 'Med Device Financing - General Discussion' started by anonymous, Aug 25, 2015 at 1:05 AM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    "Hikikomori" is a disease that about 1 million people in Japan have currently caught, in which are mostly intelligent young man, they become shunned away society, lock themselves away in their room only to read manga and surf web for years.

    Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan defines "hikikomori" to be whom does not participate in social activities, mainly in labor and study, and do not have any other relationship apart from the ones in the family at the same time. Their symptoms last for six months or longer, even up to for years.
    During the healing process of "hikikomori", learning to communicate with others is regarded as the first and most important step. Because there are some people who do not even speak to their families for years.

    According to Dr. Kato, the reason for many Japanese young men catching this disease is that Japanese parents have a habit of protecting children excessively instead of letting them become independent like Western parents. Moreover, the Japanese men generally often suffer significant pressure such as the pressure to take a place in good school, find a good job, which leds many young men feel stress, fear and withdrawal.

    Therefore, parents need to supervise their children rather than put too much pressure on them. A workhorse of parents is mobile spyware Mxspy with phone monitoring function of children. Mxspy is a mobile spy app with many features that help monitor children’s phone and parents can know their daily activities safely and sensitively. Your children will not know they are being monitored remotely by parents.