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need a 30-60-90 day sales plan.

Discussion in 'Tricks of the Trade' started by Anonymous, Nov 4, 2008 at 6:32 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I am currently going through the interview process for a core payroll sales position. I am working on a 30-60-90 day plan for my first face to face interview. I did a quick phone interview and didn't too much information about the role yet beyond the training program i would complete. Any insight or key points i should highlight on the plan i would appreciate.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    wow, you newbies to sales are truly naive.
    why would you go through all of that for a flipping payroll sales job? I just met Tom Golisano's friend last week, and he said if I wanted a job, just give him a call. I say this not to brag, because I would never work for a payroll company because its a terrible, micromanaged job, whose only future is to leverage 2-3 years of experience and move into a medical device company, etc.

    My advice to you is find a small, private company that really needs someone to SELL. not a corporate slob job that wants you to do all this pre-work to get the job.

    they really insult you by asking you to do this, as if your 4 year degree (or better) is not good enough to secure employment...

    if they are going to abuse you pre-interview, then you better believe that they will do it when you start working. NOTHING will ever be good enough for them. they will continue to raise the quotas, at which point you will smarten up and find a company that will pay you more for less micromanagment.

    Wake up people. Stop letting these companies abuse you. Learn about your world, and learn about your options...

    and network the crap out of your college and your friends and family!

    good luck!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This may be the most intelligent post I've ever read on here. Right on! Create your own reality and don't play games with people beneath you. Once you hit 40 in sales, you will have a target on your back, especially if you are a woman and haven't chosen to move up the ladder. Sexism and ageism are rampant in this business, so a heads up on that.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    If money is not your be all and end all, you can always work in the nonprofit or other related healthcare fields for an employer. Yes, the salary will be small and the benefits nothing like pharma. But the people are much nicer and the work is very rewarding. I sell hospice services and it is hard, I work my butt off, I have six managers but I love it. I am nearly 60 and will have to, and would like to work, until 70. Not everyone is cut out to go 1099 or be a consultant. This only works if you have 15 to 20 years in pharma, saved like crazy, got cut with a HUGE severance and are a real salesperson with a good business head and lots of drive. . . . hmmm, that does not sound like most of the reps I know. LOL - 70 percent of them are starting the day lying at 10 am and quiting by 2 pm to hit the course or the gym or the salon. I really do not see this person every being able to work outside of pharma.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    If you need help, you need help. You need to be a store clerk.
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    butler was the biggest prick @ Roche. Micromanaged everyone on his team and was put on review by management. He was later moved to IA business after screwing up on the POL side. Last chance for butler
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    SPOT ON!
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    I'm ok if there's levels of interviewing
    1-to screen you
    3-with higher up for final decision

    Not more than 2 with the same person. You may have a 'case' proving illegal hiring practicies if this ever happens to you. I hope it doesnt.

    Applying for a pharma sales position. Had phone screen with regional hiring sales manager, met with said regional hiring manager, drove 4 hours for interview with said regional hiring sales manager and VP of Sales and Marketing, now said regional hiring sales manager wants me to meet with counter part for additional interview before sending me to meet corporate. WHAT???????
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    So what? You probably got the job if you don't throw up on yourself at corporate.