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New guy asking questions: MSC or College route

Discussion in 'Tricks of the Trade' started by Anonymous, Feb 2, 2013 at 7:02 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hello, Im new and will be posting as a registered user as soon as the email decides to make its way to my inbox. Just a quick question I would like to pose to anyone in the field of medical device sales. I have 5 years experience owning my own business selling to local dealerships big and small my services, I fix their interiors, I have been successful in this and love what I do but have found that I break my back month to month to attain my sales goals. I love sales, I love people so this field has worked out well for me but I would like to make a move to medical sales, I have 8 months left of my g.i. bill and was wondering if I should go the route of Medical sales college or go to a traditional college for some specific course. If so what would help my goal of attaining a job in the field of medical device sales. I'm hesitant on MSC as I have seen many negative postings on here and don't want to make a mistake and take time from my business if it's going to negatively impact my area. I have no problems going to college and would love an opportunity to get back in. please don't turn this into a hate forum on MSC i'm looking for constructive criticism please. Thanks in advance, Joe

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Do you have a 4 year degree in science or business? If so that should be good enough. Send out resumes like a shotgun blast. Good luck.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    4 year degree as cheap as possible in business administration or economics, then 2-3 years selling payroll.

    its silly (the payroll or similar outside sales job), but that is all you need.

    companies today are strange. and they want this profile. heck, even work for enterprise rental car for a few years after getting your 4 year degree.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nothing strange about it. Paychex, ADP, Cintas, Xerox, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Enterprise, (or some other outside business to business sales position with preferably a publicly traded company) have good sales training and are structured to show stack rankings so that a subsequent employer like a medical device company will know that you were taught the fundamentals of sales, if you can sell, how successful you were in sales, how to manage your territory, etc. The thought process is medical device companies can teach reps the products and clinical aspects of the job but they can't teach sales success which is why they want you to have proven yourself with those other companies first.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    my issue is that I successfully sold "massage services" at male union places. I did very well. I want a legit job but damn, i cant put it on my resume. not exactly Disney.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Get a BA, even an MS. I have both now an MHA-but I'm out of pharma. No one respects pharma school-it's marketing garbage. Plus you want to be a viable candidate for another career out of pharma bc it's only a 2-3 year gig now. Plus, pharma mandates a Bachelors for entry, unfortunately in anything.

    My background is science, science, science..some of my coworkers were everything from flight attendants, teachers to business…not many science actually. It's rare to find science folks that can relate and talk-but it's a gold mine when relating to a physician and earning respect and ultimately scripts. In my hiring, that's what I looked for because those individuals were smart and driving and very unique.

    Think long-term