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Discussion in 'Elan' started by Anonymous, Feb 4, 2012 at 8:01 PM.

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    I know there were about 50-60 new layoffs in December. One of my friends got laid off. I heard almost all of the development group (the guys who do the clinical trials) was let go, including every physician at Elan and the head of development. anyone know anymore about this? why was there no WARN notice?
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    You are full of it. Had that happened it would have been listed as a WARN event, which is public information. The big layoff came in January of 2011 with a smaller one in March or so. So far, no listings for 2012 have been reported to EDD. Get your facts straight.
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    The layoffs from December were part of the WARN notices from earlier in the year. The layoffs were staggered.

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