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New PAH Rep questions

Discussion in 'Actelion' started by anonymous, Feb 17, 2018 at 10:56 AM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and embrace the 1% chance that I'll actually get semi-accurate serious responses here. I know this board is overwhelmingly used to vent or just make fun of every and any post....but I there is anyone who could help me make an important life decision for my family and I...it would be much appreciated...as I have to decide to take this job with Actelion or an Oncology position with another top company.

    I heard bonus payout has average close to 6-figures the past several yrs...this is high for Pharma..is this accurate?

    Is culture decent here?

    Not that this matters...but I do want to compare...what are typical car choices?

    What do you honestly see as the future of the PAH drugs/division?

    Thank you for any honest responses....

  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Wow....131 views and not a single reply?? Maybe this is a good sign as mostly only disgruntled people post on these lol....but in any case.BUMP for some feedback please....I really do have to make a good decision for my family...and of course my future career aspirations....Thanks again...
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Actelion is an amazing company with incredible people. Truly the best company in the industry.

    But, times are changing.

    J&J has acquired us & its a slow transition from the very best company in the industry to another big Pharma rep mill. Benefits are going from the best in the industry to the worst. Cars are going from the best industry to average. Pay will most likely go from the best in the industry to average.

    J&J doesn't understand that we have the best reps in Pharma because of the way we're treated. Having the best reps is why we own the PAH disease state. We work our asses off for our patients, our customers, each other, our families & our leadership. The big pharma machine of churn & burn reps will end this culture. And our market dominance.

    We're dying a little bit every day.

    Take the job in oncology.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    It’s not uncommon in rare disease companies to make close to or 6 figure bonuses.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    The worse things that’s happened to Actelion is Jane Griffiths. She’s a cancer.
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Can you please elaborate? I really need honest clarity.....not vague references..Im not employed here..yet. If she is so awful, please explain why and how it will affect me...thank you.
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. However, can you give specific examples? The cars went from what to what? The pay is changing how? It's super easy to board the panic train...trust me, Ive been there....but can you cite actual examples of changes that are happening now? I reached out to a contact of mine who works inside J&J... He is very honest and doesnt sugar coat. He said he has only seen positive references about Actelion..that J&J values the people and profitability...they forecast significant growth in PAH....and he does not forsee a change in pay because J&J does not eant to lose existing talent.
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    No one has mentioned culture, vehicle options or future outlook for PAH....Anyone? Buehler?
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Please explain how things have or will change. I’m seriously looking at a position, too. Will they cut bonus and benefits?
  10. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    There has been a continuous mass exodus. What does this tell you? It should say everything you need to know.
  11. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Because some of us may want to be able to decipher the difference between privileged, historically very fortunate reps who have been conditioned to be "entitled" over the years by the amazing benefits of a Rare Disease company who inevitably will be forced to go through changes as it matures. Some of these individuals may become disgruntled ( but in reality it's not because things have deteriorated or become bad at the company) but because they are unwilling to accept some changes of the industry and choose to seek a younger, smaller biotech with all the associated perks. I don' t necessarily blame them....why not go get what you want! But don't paint an unnecessarily dreary picture of doom for an in all reality still great company to be a part of. This is when answering specifics can get rid of all that subjectivity and allow someone to make a decision for themselves.
  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Actelion is the best company that I have ever worked for. I love the people who work here & I love the way we do business. It's honest, we always put the patient first & we respect each other.

    We've had massive turnover in the last six months. It has nothing to do with "privilege" or "entitlement". J&J has seriously botched this transition. Not all of that is intentional on their behalf. They simply don't understand rare disease- especially PAH. It's an incredibly complex disease state & Actelion has dominated this disease state for a decade & a half because they hire the best reps in the industry. The offered the best pay & benefits in the industry to hire & retain the very best talent.

    J&J is implementing cost saving measures by slashing our vacation, taking away premium fleet cars & moving us from the best benefit package in the industry to an expensive, high deductible health insurance plan. Essentially, a 8-12% pay cut. They will not retain the level of talent that Actelion has possessed to date.

    For those of us with years of rare disease experience- the head hunters know whats going on & they're calling. Its an easy sell: come join another small company in the rare disease market. Take a significant 10-15% raise instead of a 10-15% cut. Keep the awesome benefits. Keep the awesome car. Keep the vacation time. Keep the small company "family" enviornment.

    It's not a sense of "entitlement". It's knowing what our skill & experience are worth & taking the best package for our families. A couple of weeks ago- we had more reps resign in one day than we had resign in the entire 2017 year. That trend is going to continue.
  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    So true...I just left and don’t miss Actelion at all...still have all my fiends I have made over the years.
  14. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

  15. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Short answer- JNJ destroyed a very special place to work. Burned it to the ground.

    Long answer- They will get a short term bump in profitability. Then, they'll have chased off all of the great reps who have long term relationships with the small group of high volume prescribers. They don't have a clue how rare disease works as a business. Rather than have integrity & do what they said- "learn from us" they'll plow forward with their short term, penny-pinching thinking. They'll spend $10 to save $1. In the end, they'll chase off the high performing reps. Chase off our KOL's. Chase off our loyal customers. As soon as a new PAH agent comes to market- Actelion is done. EVERYONE will leave for the new company. Reps, customers & patients.

    RIP Actelion. JNJ is the angel of death.
  16. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Don't forget-generic Ambrisentan will rape your NRx share of Opsumit and likely devastate your TRx share as the tiers change in 2020 to prefer generics....have fun selling Selexipag until Ralinepag KILLS it too!

    Enjoy your moment in the sun,

    15 years in PAH. I know what I am talking about.