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New Wave Pharma

Discussion in 'Pediatric Specialty' started by Anonymous, Aug 1, 2006 at 11:04 PM.

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when will we shut down?

  1. next week

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  2. next month

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  3. end of summer

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  4. once the board wakes up

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  5. never

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I believe the poster was referencing Warren Webber (a.k.a. Potsie Webber) from Happy Days. Remember when Ralph Malph said to him, and I quote: "Good comeback Potsie."

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Wow, scary even. There are a couple of people who are watching waaaaayyyyyy too much Nick at Night.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hows business?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The only thing increasing at this company is discontent and the number of posts on this board. YIKES!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'll second AND third that motion.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's gotten to be depressing and pathetic here. So much so that I'm waiting for the economic stimulus payments on May 2. Sad state of affairs. That's all I count on anymore.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    All we have is relationships to sell on. These drugs have no clinical edge. We don't have any current studies to use, we don't have great managed care, we don't have the advertising like the big companies, we don't have experienced reps (ours right out of college), we don't have some earth-shattering sales message, etc., etc., If you ask the most sucessful reps in this company why there numbers are the way they are, it is either because the docs like them (want to help them out)OR managed care coverage. .
    another plagiarized quote but so true and I'm not obama
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    In terms of $$ how much is the sale? how is the cash flow?? Market share?? when is it going public?? it is supposed to be in 2008!!
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    ROBOT MANAGER ALERT!!!!!!! See photo above

    thanks for your two cents, but we all know better than to believe you.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    what does this mean? robot manager alert??? why don't you call out who you think might have posted it?

    where's the photo? the post with the questions was from the investment community responding to the fact funding was secured and trying to see if we had any real business potential.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    it is the self photo of Mr. CEO himself gig ling at his promises for his stupid super business potential!!
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    still makes no sense.
  13. CEO

    CEO Guest

    catch the wave!! catch the wave!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
  14. PookieBear

    PookieBear Guest

    Man DJ, you're up late. That might explain the bags under your eyes.


    the bags of sh@t under his eyes and oozing out of his peabrain. it's simply amazing that he's still around. does he need to get impeached before his terror stops? he's made of teflon.
    glad you're wrecking a bunch of people's lives and another company unnecessarily. keep it up dillweed you've set a new low in executive dismanagement. nobody buys your schtick anymore.
    hope you sleep well at night thinking about this nightmare you've created
    I know nothing stays the same
    But if youre willing to play the game
    Its coming around again
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Guess the investment community got the REAL scoop this time.

    NO real potential here under the current management staff. Glad we finally got to piss you off and pee on your parade for a change instead of you putting the screws to everyone else.

    Have a nice day now!!!
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    whats up with you guys ?
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  19. ceo

    ceo Guest

    do the wave

    catch the wave! once. Ha!
    catch the wave! twice. Ha!Ha!
    catch the wave! thrice. Ha! Ha! HA!
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    2008 let it be dumb

    There's plenty of spots for us for 2008.
    Let's make 2008 even dumber DJ MS & GANG

    Ten dumbest CEO moves of 2007

    Posted Dec 26th 2007 11:30AM by Tracy Coenen
    Filed under: Management, Apple Inc (AAPL), Employees, Scandals, Whole Foods Market (WFMI), BP p.l.c. ADS (BP), JetBlue Airways (JBLU), Bear Stearns Cos (BSC), Blackstone Group L.P (BX)

    Portfolio.com featured its picks for the ten dumbest moves by CEOs in 2007. The list shows a nice range and depth of stupidity on the part of CEOs -- and it hasn't gone unnoticed that there are no women on this list of dummies. Here are their picks and my two cents:

    * John Mackey, Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFMI) -- He displayed his brilliance by posting on message boards under the screen name Rahodeb, hyping Whole Foods while not letting people know exactly who it was that was hyping the company. (Seems reminiscent of Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com (NASDAQ: OSTK).) The company ended up banning executives from participating on any message boards.
    * Paul Wolfowitz, World Bank -- Getting his girlfriend at the bank a transfer and a raise. Need we say more?
    * Steve Jobs, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) -- Ticking off early adopters by slashing $200 off the original price of the $600 iPhone shortly after its debut. Nothing like causing your loyal customers to think twice before they run right out to be the first to buy Apple's next new gadget.
    * Chris Albrecht, HBO -- An alleged assault of his girlfriend in Las Vegas ended in his arrest. And then came the news that he did something similar in the early 1990s. Not the kind of headlines you want from your CEO.

    * Greg Reyes, Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) -- Stock option backdating costs the company a $7 million fine. He was found guilty of 10 fraud-related counts. (But Reyes certainly isn't the only executive in America involved in option backdating.)
    * Klaus Kleinfeld, Siemens AG (NYSE: SI) -- Corruption thrived at Siemens with Kleinfeld at the helm.
    * John Browne, BP (NYSE: BP) -- A messy love affair with a man who was given confidential corporate information led to Browne's demise. He lied about the affair and misused company funds to top things off. Ouch.
    * James Cayne, Bear Steams (NYSE: BSC) -- Frolicking on the golf course while major financial issues were exploding at the office. (Hint: Work first, then play.)
    * Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone (NYSE: BX) -- A $3 million birthday party for himself got him on this list . . . although who really cares? Let the guy waste his money on a party if he wants to.
    * David Neeleman, JetBlue Airways Corp. (NASDAQ: JBLU) -- Some say he stayed too long at the head of JetBlue, a company struggling to make a comeback.