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Discussion in 'Spectrum Pharmaceuticals' started by anonymous, Nov 23, 2016 at 2:15 PM.

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    Stock is going down again...

    Raj let go our Vice President - Clinical today b'coz he did not liked him but our boardidd . Due to this all 4 CRAs quit spectrum today. This Wii definitely leave our studies in a midst.

    Raj fired one of its hard working quality department personnel b'coz he pointed out lot of quality issues at spectrum.

    Raj fired Associate Director of Facilities 'Ashley Grumbles' b'coz there was an issue in facilities and in order to save his right man Anil Hiteshi, he fired Ashely. How long do we have to see Anil in office. He is a real burden on spectrum and should be fired.

    Raj took a round of whole Irvine building with Anil today which was a kind of a symbol of terrorizing people that if anyone goes against him then he will fire that person.

    Raj's indian top level is suggesting Raj to buy another trash compound to again keep stockholders confused and at bay so more money can buy pulled from stockholders by showing them false promises.
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    Did not hear about this. Too bad, especially during the holidays. How does the board and HR let this happen?
    No trust in anyone here.
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    Just curious, how do you think HR could stop Raj? And, Raj is the Board - so the board will not do anything.
    If Chris challenged these decisions and even threatened to quit, nothing would change.

    There either needs be another activist group who goes after the board and Raj, or the majority of the executive team needs to band together and force Dr. Raj out - but they never will because they are collecting too much "hush" money to rock the boat.

    If Joe, Kurt, Tom, Georgina, Keith, Pramod, Zane, Mike, Lisa, Gregg, Leo, Chris, many of the posters on this board and everyone else who talks about Raj's inappropriate behavior would stop burying their heads and stand up for the company, perhaps something could happen. But they all have to be willing to walk at the same time. One or two people are powerless.
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    Today's News -

    More people to quit spectrum in coming times which is very bad.

    FDA may audit spectrum on many parameters soon.

    Stocks today plunged 21 cents today as one of the key executive seems to sold his pile of stocks in chunk.

    We have several drug manufacturing issues in our bodyshopped CMC and contract manufacturing department as many drugs have several issues. I can see this day by day and it's not good. Pramod ( indian and Raj's another partner in crime) is not handling things correctly but he is also protected by Raj. Where the hell ? Our company is going.

    Raj, Guru, Anil, Gajanan and couple other indian stooges went to FDAto discuss a new phase-3 trial for Apaziquon but, irony is FDA exactly know what these guys are upto and that's laughable. It's like repeating 1982's drug fraud kinda thing. Why we Raj ignores highly capable Americans and we are not taken to FDA and Why Raj only takes his non-performing Indian assets with him is still a question?

    We are with you...Keep looking for more news...
  5. anonymous

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    Today's News.

    FDA to audit spectrum soon as per sppi regulatory insider.

    Raj knows all is going against him so he is firing native Americans and hiring more and more Indians and Chinese. Nobody to question Raj as all board members are bought up by Raj.

    Raj has illegaly paid $25000 to $75000 to all his Indian and Chinese hires to buy homes so they can become loyal to him. Check all sppi accounts for past 10 years and you will see thousands of glitches.

    Dr. Lee Allen was blackmailed before he left spectrum and once he left he was wrongfully defamed as a bad doctor and rude person. In real SPPI will never ever be able to hire an able doctor like Dr. Lee Allen.

    There are almost 50-60 people in sppi R&D out of which almost 80% are Chinese & Indians. Truth is that sppi is a drug body shop and they buy everything from outside. Pipeline is all rigged and fake.
  6. anonymous

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    I agree with most of your post, but when it comes to Dr. Allen, I have to disagree. At Spectrum, he was more focused on his own status and power than he was on his purpose. He was rude, made promises to people that he could not keep, and blamed others for his inability to lead.

    He also patronized and snubbed anyone who did not have a pedigree - he was very arrogant. Check out his profile on Linked in, he listed himself as a Director on the Board of Directors at Spectrum.

    I know several people who worked with him at Amag, and they said that he was just as bad there.
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    Today's News-

    Our stock is going to be a penny stock soon. No doubts.

    Pramod (V.P. Pharma operations) is hiding tons of information from Raj about manufacturing issues. He just bows his front of Raj and there you go Raj gets fooled by his own ego.

    Raj fired one more American staff member and has hired another Indian girl in San Jose who will be working remotely from her home. News was she will be doing something else for him secretly. I guess we are never allowed to work from home as its not the company policy ! Then what is this?

    Spectrum Data Management department is ballooning up for no reason and now has more than 15 staff and more in India just for one phase-III study. A No surprise factor, All are Chinese and Indians. Can we trust that data will be good enough to get drugs approved?

    Joe Turgeon has fooled Raj once again and has beaten him in his game. We at higher level loved this coz finally Raj got someone who is dodging him like a stray d*g.

    After 3rd week of Jan 2017 companies like sppi will see a heavy decline in its value as market might go steep bearish.
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    The girl hired who now lives in San Jose worked here before and was in the Irvine office. She left due to personal reasons, and the plan was to have her rejoin. She's was great to work with before and I'm glad she's back, regardless of where she's located. She's nothing but a consummate professional and does great work. You obviously don't know her or what she does, so you speak out of ignorance, which isn't anything new for this forum.

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    Raj or Raj's friend trying to save his ass. Seems he is in dirt completely. God save sppi and people who have invested in sppi.
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    SPPI has many offices, is it common for non sales employees to work from home?
  11. anonymous

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    No, it's highly uncommon for a CMC person working from home. but if you are doing all unethical for Raj the he will allow you anything and everything.

    Spoke to the new guy in clinical operations. He is another Indian by the name KHAN.
    He isnot that good but he is just hired to be another Raj's yes man. When will Raj stop discriminating with native white American. He keeps bringing Chinese,j indians and Asians.

    Spectrum lost Dr. Srivastava who was head of clinical operations and on his place another Chinese doctor Zane Yang is bird who is very bad.

    Our sales department people are now facing difficulty in drugs as all these drugs are old oncology drugs and now there is no more shortage in market. God knows what will happen.

    Just read online...we have $140 million worth of loan by selling convertible bonds in 2014-15 and then we diluted another $75 million. Is the stock worth that much??
  12. anonymous

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    Agreed. She is terrific and an asset. Working from home is not an issue if you get the job done.
  13. anonymous

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    I agree with you buddy. Ask all our people in sales and we will tell you the difference.

    Raj fears that if any bright white doctor comes then Raj will lose his position ceoship so he is hiring India and Chinese left right center as his slaves.

  14. anonymous

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    When you say "Native American", do you mean Apache, Iroquois, Sioux, Navajo, Cherokee, etc. or are you referring to Naturalized Americans. There is a difference. There is a large population Native Americans that live in Canada.

    I have tried to put up with your ignorance in a few different threads, but I find your racist comments to be a bitter pill. Though I agree with a lot that is said on CP, you negate most of the truth with your slurs. There is no problem hiring Indians, Chinese, and "Asians" as you put it. In fact, your ignorance is personified by your lack of knowledge that both Chinese and Indians are considered being part of the Asian race according to the US Census.
  15. anonymous

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    I disagree with you and agree with CP views.
    Question is not about naturalized citizens. I am from Germany and I am naturalized US citizen and respect everybody.

    Question asked her is Why Raj is hiring only Asian race particularly Chinese and Indians?